Humboldt Pride Day, Sept 13 2014

HRD participated in the annual Pride Day parade. Thanks go out to everyone who supported it and us, either as participants or as onlookers. Here’s a picture of some of our skaters preparing to skate for pride.

Photo by Richard Evans

Photo by Richard Evans

Atreyu #26

Atreyu (or Trey for short) may look small but her skills, determination, personality, presence, and dancin’ moves are largerAtreyu than life! She is a go getter on the track and in every area of life. She is down to earth with a very complex way of thinking, and this explains her unique grasp on this thing called life.

Trey first moved from SoCal to Humboldt to attend HSU where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in film. She then trecked all the way to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to study philosophy at the European Graduate School and obtain a PhD in media and communications. She stayed at EGS for a while as an instructor. Her numerous academic feats include publishing her book The Media Poet, in 2012.

She left Europe and returned to Humboldt to be, as one of her colleagues says, a “media poet and community activist”. She is an associate faculty member at both College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University where she teaches film and cinema studies. Most notable is the academic and community outreach that she does for the youth in Southern Humboldt. Working with TRiO Talent Search and the Mateel Community Center’s Youth Alive! program, she primarily serves low income and at risk high school students by connecting them to opportunities of higher education and community leadership. Trey is also co-founder of an organization called Dj Gleaner y Los Media Poets, which is a local artist collective and creative mentorship project based in Arcata.

Her love of film led Trey to our wild and crazy world of roller derby. Her camera ups our game. Being able to watch ourselves play roller derby is a huge mind opening experience! We feel like we’re rolling like Michael Jordan plays basketball, but when we watch the video of ourselves then reality sets in. These videos really help us to see what we need to work on, so we can better ourselves as players. She started by filming our home and away games for a few years before derby bit her and she decided to strap on some skates. Now she finds herself on the other side of the camera on game day.

Like most of us Trey started out terribly awkward, but determined. Her positive attitude and ability to work well with others was evident from the beginning. Her peers still find this apparent as she was voted Best Team Player for the 2014 season. I’ve never seen anyone use transform awkwardness to finesse. Watching Trey jam is like riding a really exciting roller coaster–, just as you think she‘s going out of bounds and down, her half bent body which is only inches from hitting the ground squeezes only a few inches between the defender and out of bounds then pops back up and skates away unscathed leaving the defenders to stare where she’d been and wondering how the heck she got by.

After a hard work out at practice or after tough game Trey knows how to party. She doesn’t get out much, and is usually busy tearing up the dance floor, so when she does get a chance, she makes it count!

Atreyu has been a part of the HRD family for many years before skating, and will hopefully continue to be a skating member for years to come. She’s loved by her friends and teammates and Falcor, and puts that much love back into HRD.

Sister, stay awesome ‘cause you’re fantastic just the way you are!

by Ferocious Dimples

Skater of the Month: Mad Max Swagger

Written by Ferocious Dimples

Number: Fresh 2 DeathMad Max Swagger, SoM

Swagger, Swag, Swaggy, Shwaggy, Mad, Maximus, Swagimus, B, and Crazy Cat Lady are all appropriate titles that our wonderful Mad Max Swagger will answer to. She wears many masks which require many nicknames!

Swag became a part of the HRD family back in 2009. After passing level one in our training camp, she had a slight hold back in level two with an unfortunate ankle break. It didn’t keep her away for long, and after 5 months of healing Swag was back on skates, attacking level 2 with a vengeance. She has been such a positive addition to the team, and a driving force to our organization.

An injury has kept Swag from her skates this season, but has not kept her away from the track. She has stepped up as a level 2 trainer, and as a coach. While she hasn’t officially been voted in as a league coach, she has proven to be an extremely successful bench coach for the Redwood Rollers, and has helped to make our practices run smoothly. Her soft spokeness has dwindled and her loud, hear me roar coaching voice can be heard from across the building! She is a confident coach who has our backs.

This superhero of a woman came to us all the way from the big island of Hawaii. Back in 2004 she put her cape on and flew to Boston to see what a city was like. Not feeling the city life Swagger and her cape found themselves back in Hawaii only three months later. After a few adjustments, Swag had made herself a super cape which brought her to the beautiful Humboldt County in 2005. She has found herself at home in her new land with such wonderful friends, family, and kitties. Some of these details may not be actual real facts, but I’m pretty sure Swag really does have a cape she crafted herself that makes her fly.

Swagger is such a crafty lady that she started her own business, and has been successfully running it by herself since 2008. She does some stylish printing to give your clothes a little extra swagger. If you see a Humboldt derby skater walking around with their shirt or sweatshirt personalized, chances are Swag did it. The skaters also got some flashy new uniforms this season which Swag printed up, and the talk of all the tournaments this year was how awesome they looked. Thanks Swaggy, for keeping your teammates in style!

In her off time Swag enjoys spending hot days at the river with her friends, and is always down for a good float or rafting trip. On cold days she likes to cuddle up with her kitties, Bitten and Chiller aka Dangercat, put on a good movie like Beyond Thunderdome or Gladiator, and watch it rain fuzzy little kittens outside. Swag is a walking dictionary for strange slang and terms that no one else knows about, and will be the first to come up with a sarcastic, witty remark to your comment. She knows how to keep you laughing.

This Hawaiian girl was a natural fit with our community and our organization. Anyone who’s so sweet, mellow, and crafty is always welcome in our league. She has grown as a skater and a leader, and has given her teammates the confidence to follow her into battle. She will lead us in the right direction!

Humboldt Roller Derby loves and appreciates your time, love, and your amazingly wonderful self.

Volunteer of the Month: Raven Maniac


If you want something done, ask Raven. She seems to be everywhere. Because she is. Raven is a powerhouse worker for HRD. Her work ethic has the strength of steel and she’s been known to stay up half the night doing derby work. She comes to us from Mississippi and has carried those genteel manners and with her. She works at Northcoast Children’s Services as a case worker, proving that her heart is not only in the right place but powerful as well.

Raven started with HRD in 2009. She disliked the physical rough and tumble of being a skater, and so took her talents right to officiating.

Once Raven started reffing, she really gave it her all.  She helps run ref practice, always stays current on the latest rules and has gone to the WFTDA officiating clinic three times.  She is on the Ref Training committee and is a WFTDA official ref for Humboldt.   She is very versatile and can do any position; head ref, inside pack ref, jam ref and outside pack ref.  She particularly excels at jam reffing because she is a fast skater and is able to assess impact and initiation with amazing accuracy.

But wearing the stripes isn’t the only thing she does for us. She started working on the Fundraising and Public Relations work groups in 2011. It is no exaggeration that she is The Bomb when it comes to fundraising. No sponsor is too big or too small for her. HRD has experienced high water years since she began this critical task. She has also taken Public Relations by storm, getting the work group right on line with the five year plan we have.

In 2014 she even went a step farther by joining the HRD board of directors. Her dedication and keen mind for details has sharpened the board. She is never too busy to take a look at the latest paperwork, listen to the latest problem, and come up with solutions.

Her sweet southern attitude has brought her to the front of HRD, whether on the track or off. Indeed, she IS everywhere, and we couldn’t get along without her. Thanks Raven!



Skater of the Month: Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker #61 first graced HRD with her presence at our bootcamp in 2011.  I would have described her as clunky and awkward, as most of us are when we put skates on for the first time. This woman defines hard photo by Amy Kumler work and dedication, and is proof that it all pays off. She always pushes harder and does not understand giving up. This self proclaimed former band nerd (clearly the marching band is much cooler than portrayed in the media) marched her way off the soccer track and into many other sports  in high school.

Pressur Cooker, “PC” to her teammates,  learned early on how thrilling life can be, and has attacked it with an aggressive “can do” attitude. Dabbling in all kinds of sports PC has found her true love with roller derby. The passion she has for the sport and her teammates seeps through her pores. You may think she’s really sweaty, but really it’s her passion leaking out!

When not on the track PC spends her off time downhill mountain biking, skiing, and any other outdoor adventure that can fulfill her need for thrills. Although, “off time” is a somewhat foreign term to this full time HSU student. With only one month left in her final semester PC is beginning to see the light at the end of the college tunnel, as well as a degree in Environmental Management and Protection. Not only is she a hard working, dedicated skater, but she also cares about the environment! Could she be any more PC?!

As if her schedule wasn’t busy enough, PC also pours a mean beer at The Local (one of our awesome sponsors). If you’re lucky you could have your beer poured by Humboldt Roller Derby’s very own Pressure Cooker. Somehow it tastes better when she pours it!

Pressure Cooker has the best attitude on and off the track. She’s the most encouraging teammate and friend. With a truly honest and sweet soul PC was a natural fit for coaching the Sapling’s. The girls love her, and she honestly cares about each and every one of them. Our training camp also benefits from her knowledge and dedication as a trainer.

I’m proud to be on the same team as this smiling, happy, kick-ass lady. I’m equally as happy to not have play on a team opposite of her! When I walk on that track and see PC next to me I feel more confident just knowing she’s by my side. Everyone that’s part of the HRD family has benefited in some way because of her true love and dedication to the sport and her team. Humboldt Roller Derby loves you Pressure Cooker! You will always be a special part of our family!!

Who brings Da Ruckus?????? Ruckus, that’s who!



photo by Amy Kumler

Ruckus started her skating career with Humboldt Roller Derby in January of 2009. Shortly after in 2010 she started a ruckus in our training camp, and has stuck with it, being one of our most dedicated level 2 trainers for four years now. After years of training, coaching came naturally to Ruckus. She started coaching in our 2013 season, and has stuck with it through this season. A series of unfortunate injuries has kept Ruck from fulfilling her career as a skater, but has given HRD the chance to take full advantage of her awesome coaching skills. We have been lucky to have her as a bench coach for most of our bouts last season as well as the beginning of this season. As a bench coach Ruckus started and mastered the infamous I’m pissed at that ref call hair flip with the hand. If you watch her closely at a bout you may be able to witness it in action!

Ruckus brings a different kind of attitude to the track t hat keeps things fun while still whoopin butt! She’s always smiling while telling us “y’all need ta get lower, skate faster, and/or hit harder…..know wut I’m sayin…..don’t be talkin, just do it”. I never know if she’s smiling because she’s so proud of us, or because finally she has a group of people that do exactly what she says when she say’s it. She says jump, we say how high….deep down inside she glows a little because of this fact.

While Ruckus’ coaching and skating style can be in your face/hustle like there’s no tomorrow, she has an extremely caring and somewhat delicate side to her. She has a super sweet bull mastiff named Rudy who actually gets sympathy pains. Yes, that’s right, every time Ruckus gets injured Rudy starts limping in pain. Then they heal at the same time, how adorable! Ruckus is also an extremely dedicated friend and teammate. When we’re rolling with Ruckus we know we got our backs covered! And I speak from experience when I say that she will literally slap the sense into you if need be, now that’s a good friend!!

On a more personal note, Ruckus has to be the BIGGEST Raider’s fan EVER! She knows more sports trivia than most people’s brothers, fathers, and grandfather’s combined. As a child she had dreams of Bobby Brown and Marvin Gaye, and still does on a good night. Your Ruckus bringin, Jordan sportin, Wu-Tang linstenin, Bobby luvin self is so loved and appreciated by everyone at HRD! Thanks for being you!

Skater of the Month…Sugar Rush!

 Our latest skater of the month, and our favorite treat this holiday season, is none other than Sugar Rush!
candy’s to describe her: Now and Later, War Heads, Sour Patch Kids, Jaw Breaker, Rolo, Red hots, Bazooka,…you get the idea.
One of our newer skaters, Sugar started playing with the Widow Makers just last season, quickly proving her athletic skills and ability Sugar ended Humboldt Roller Derby’s 2013 season as a blocker for our A team, the Redwood Rollers in their away bout in San Jose against Silicon Valley Roller Girls on September 28th.
Sugar Rush proves that she is also versatile, playing both jammer and blocker positions as needed by her team. Her quick advancement through teams can be credited in no small part to her perfect attendance! During our home season scrimmages Sugar can be seen jamming, running from blockers as if they were vegetables. She carries her athleticism off of the track where she trains in Aikido, as well as biking and running to maintain her high level of fitness. Like a sour-patch-kid, she is sour on the track and sweet inside, with a smile and positive words for all of her teammates. We don’t ever want to crash from this sugar rush!
As a member of our merchandise team, she helps with inventory and tracking, getting sweet new HRD gear out to fans.
Sugars’ partner Steve says that, “she spends her time applying her Aikido skills fighting off ninja attackers and baking cookies. I’ve even see her do both at the same time. Quite impressive, really.”  She also spends time scrap booking, reading, taking pictures, hanging with her animals, talking to inanimate objects while by her self, and watching Bones, the TV show.
If you see her, give her some candy or a cupcake to show your appreciation of someone so dedicated to HRD, and a truly valued member of our league.
Fascinating facts: You can call her Dr. Sugar Rush , she has a PhD in Psychology, and she hates condiments.

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