Congrats to the lovely and amazing Feline Distemper, who has earned “Skater of the Month” status for February!  Feline was nominated by her fellow skaters for being a “virtual wrecking ball,” crashing her way through her opponents, when (like most skaters) she couldn’t roll from point A to point B on day one.  Now she is rock solid, with excellent track awareness and strategy.  Her teammates are amazed at her endurance, and say she pushes herself like no other!

Through her dedication and hard work, Feline has earned a spot on the travel team for the upcoming Sacramento bout.  A self-proclaimed “derby nerd,” she puts her smarts to use on multiple HRD task forces and – most thankfully – as the team captain for the Widow Makers.  In short, Feline is a woman that makes things happen – both on and off the track!

When she’s not kicking ass for HRD, Feline works her ass off at her day job.  After getting her Master’s Degree at 22 (she doesn’t mess around!), she now works for the County as a Mental Health Case Manager.  Keep an eye out for her in the community or out on the HRD track!