Fans who came to see our first home bout of the 2011 season were in for more than they bargained for…Sock Derby!  When wet and wild conditions outside unexpectedly combined with hot and humid conditions inside, our concrete track turned into an oilslick – sending skaters, referees, and even our announcer tumbling to the ground.

Welcome to Humboldt County… where even indoor events get rained out!

It was simply too unsafe to continue the bout on skates, but nobody wanted to go home.  So, in a tremendous display of sportswomanship, skaters from both visiting and home teams stepped up, took off their skates, and made lemons out of lemonade.  Rather than cancel our event and disappoint our fans, the teams agreed instead to participate in Humboldt County’s very first (and hopefully last) Sock Derby bout!

Roller derby without wheels was one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen. Our fans were incredibly supportive, and happily cheered us on.  The whole thing reminded us why we love this sport and the people in it.  Here’s to surviving a bizarre opening to the 2011 season!  We’ll see you at the next bout – with our skates on.

P.S. Many thanks to the visiting skaters from Oakland and Reno for helping us salvage the evening.  We love you all!