Jenneral Ms.Chief

This month we’d like to honor another stunning skater, who just happens to be the founder of our league:  Jenneral Ms.Chief!  This girl is an amazing athlete, leader, business owner, and an all-around fun person.  She was nominated for her die-hard love of derby since the very beginning, for always finding ways to improve, and for her tireless efforts as a coach.  Jenneral has helped lead HRD skaters and keep them motivated – throughout and between seasons, on and off skates.  She even makes time to remain on HRD’s Board of Directors, so she can help guide the league as it grows.

During her non-derby hours of the day (if you can call them that), Jenneral owns and works at local piercing and tattoo shop in Eureka called Primal Decor.  “I love to poke holes in people,” she says.  “While it is a job it’s also a second passion of mine.  Something about getting to participate in rites of passage, emotional growth, and physical decoration is very rewarding to me.”  She sees piercing and derby in a very similar light:  “You have to be confident, calm, aggressive, and turn your adrenaline that your body is telling you is fear into success.  As a pivot I take my experience in the piercing room to the track.”

As far as hobbies go, Jenneral has many passions besides derby.  She loves to sew, re-purpose thrift store furniture, and work on cars (like her vintage VW bug and bus).  She even maintains a blog about her creative adventures!  On her days off, she also loves to go on outdoor adventures with Jason and Shadow – who you might recognize as HRD’s announcer and trusty sidekick.  They’re pretty much your quintessential derby family.

Our fearless founder has been off skates so far this season due to an injury, but has been more than making up for lost time as a bench coach.  We appreciate all of her many efforts to build and help our league succeed, and can’t wait to have her back on skates again!