It’s been an exciting month for Humboldt Roller Derby!  We just took on two teams from the Emerald City Roller Girls this past weekend, with the Widow Makers falling just short of ECRG at 63-79, but the Redwood Rollers beating their Skatesaphrenics 129-97!  This was a pretty satisfying victory considering things were the other way around when we traveled north to play ECRG last year in their home town of Eugene, Oregon.  Those girls are some hard-hitting competition!

Now it’s that time again, for our April Skater of the Month announcement – this month we’re honoring a new skater who has totally blown us away:  Villain Thomas!

Villain debuted with the Widow Makers at our first bout of the season on March 5th, which as you may know quickly turned into “Sock Derby.”  But due to her consistent improvement in practice, dedication, and positive attitude, Villain was soon afforded the chance to attend the Dust Bowl tournament with the Redwood Rollers where no one would have believed she was engaging in her first bouting experience.

As a full-time student, part-time sushi roller, and beyond full-time derby addict who puts in endless hours of volunteer and practice time, Villain is no stranger to hard work. When you pair that with an extensive hockey background you get a skater who fit in with our Rollers in her first full-length bout on 4/16 as if she were born on 8 wheels. With so many exciting bouts left in our 2011 season we can’t wait to see what this skater can do, and we’re sure you feel the same. Congratulations, Villain!

We’re also happy to announce that our Skaters of the Month now receive a prize in addition to their glory – a one hour massage donated by Rob Thompson, a massage therapist over at Arcata Health Alliance (thanks, Rob!).  Now the honor of Skater of the Month is extra-competitive; it’s not just about 15 minutes of fame anymore, but 60 minutes of relaxing bliss as well.