It’s time again to honor one of our most devoted and admired skaters – congrats this month go to RaqHell!

RaqHell, or Rocky as we call her most of the time, was nominated for her ferocity, good attitude, and hard work.  After coming back from breaking her ankle, she’s been full of non-stop determination.  She does it all:  jam, block, pivot…and when she’s not skating, she’s helping out as one of the Widow Makers’ team captains and helping the league earn WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) certification, which is no simple task.

You’d never know it to watch her in action, but this is actually Rocky’s first season as a jammer.  In the Widow Makers’ most recent bout against the Coos County Roller Girls, Rocky scored an amazing 102 points in a single game, with sometimes as many as 30 points in a single jam!  This girl is one fabulous athlete, and is described by her fellow skaters as a solid and stellar teammate – with good reason.

During her free hours, Rocky can still be found on skates much of the time – she says one of her favorite ways to spend a sunny afternoon is outdoor skating with her teammates.

Watch for RaqHell and your other favorite HRD skaters at our next bout on Saturday, August 20!  The Widow Makers will be taking on the Redding Roller Girls, and the Redwood Rollers will play the San Diego Derby Dolls’ Hard Corps.  Tickets just went on sale today, so get ’em while you still can!