Our last bout (August 20) was another rousing success, with two wins for Humboldt Roller Derby teams!  Our Widow Makers crushed the Redding Roller Girls’ Angry Beavers 239-67, followed by another 138-59 victory by the Rollers (against the San Diego Derby Dolls’ Hard Corps).  Things just keep getting better for HRD!

Time is already running out to get your tickets for the September 10 bout (vs. North Coast Roller Derby’s Tsunami Sirens and the Lava City Roller Dolls’ Smokin’ Ashes) – grab yours quick because this will be our last one until 2012!  There are still some left online via humboldtrollerderby.com, and (last we checked!) at The Works in Eureka and People’s Records in Arcata.

Did we mention we have a new Skater of the Month?  Because we do, and it’s – drumroll, please – McNasty!  McNasty is a long-time HRD skater whose name has been heard on the mic for years, at both home and away bouts.  Her teammates describe her as fast, fluid, agile, and great at partnering with other skaters – McNasty takes derby beyond her responsibilities as a skater to really help out her fellow skaters and the league as a whole.   Her positive attitude and fun sense of humor inspire and motivate all around her.  She’s been working hard this year on HRD’s training camp program, coaching beginning skaters and turning them into the Redwood Rollers of tomorrow.  Thanks McNasty, for all of your hard work and derby passion!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to honor another super-dedicated Volunteer of the Quarter, or rather a pretty inseparable group of them!  A huge thank-you and congratulations go out to Tish and the fabulous snack bar crew!  Tish has been with us since 2009 when she took charge of our whole concessions setup and has loved it (at every single bout) ever since.  You can always find the crew with smiles on their faces at HRD bouts, including Annie and Meghan (pictured at right), and Tish’s daughters – Elizabeth (9) and Julia (14) – who are headed for Saplings and Derby Darlings status in the near future.  These ladies have devoted countless hours to helping make bouts fun (and tasty), and we appreciate all their dedication and energy!  Be sure to stop by the booth at the next bout, where they serve up Big Pete’s fabulous pizzas with a big side o’ sass!