Well it’s been a long and fun season, and we’ll miss all of you until 2012!  But you can still keep up on HRD happenings here on our blog, and via Facebook too.  Keep an eye out for more fun news during our off season!

It’s time again to honor one of our most admired skaters, nominated by her peers for her fabulous, fun attitude and her many contributions to our league.  A big, giant congratulations to Aimed & Dangerous – our October Skater of the Month!

Aimed (also known as Danger) grew up skating in rinks, outdoors, and then later on ramps and in pools.  The sport of roller derby was practically made for her – she’s been with us for three seasons now, starting with the Widow Makers and now as a Redwood Roller.  She’s had some injuries this season which have prevented her from living her derby life to the fullest, but she’s looking forward to returning, strong and healthy in 2012.  “If there is one thing I can say about this sport, that I love so much,” she says, “is that it does not define who you are – it brings out the best of who you are already.”

This summer, Aimed put together an amazing outdoor skating event for HRD skaters called the “Honeydew Skate Down,” where attendees spent a whole weekend skating in the redwoods and working on their skills and endurance.  This was a great opportunity for so many skaters, who had a ton of fun and are already hoping for a similar adventure next year.  She has also contributed a great deal to the league with her stunning professional photography.

Our founder, Jenneral Ms.Chief, remembers when Aimed first started:  “There was one practice where our old coach Mojo was having us do a drill…outside on the Redwood Acres race track which is asphalt.  He was explaining and Aimed was hopping and twirling in every direction, on skates mind you.  When Mojo was finished Danger had this look of fear and said, ‘I don’t think I can do that.’  We all just looked at her.  Here is this gorgeous woman, married with 2 kids, hopping around on her skates in a way most of us had never seen at that time, nor could we do it.  He said, ‘if you can hop around like that on your skates, Danger, this is going to be nothing for you.’  It’s as if she never considered how amazing she was.  To her, it was just twirling…but we were starstruck at her skills.”

Thanks, Aimed, for everything you do for HRD!  We just wouldn’t be the same without you.