Happy holidays from Humboldt Roller Derby!  Your favorite skaters may be taking a break from bouting, but they are far from off their skates.  They’re still hard at work enhancing their strength, endurance, and skating strategy to get ready for 2012.

Some of our heartiest blood, sweat, and tears come from our latest and greatest Skater of the Month – congrats to Sissy Jr.!

Sissy’s fellow skaters describe her as an awesome and agile jammer with ninja skills, who’s quickly becoming a fantastic blocker as well.  She devotes a great deal of her personal time to helping skaters improve and get the most out of each practice, and even taught a beginning derby skills class for the public out in Blue Lake – all for the love of derby.  Her teammates love her for helping to get roller derby out into the community, for being a kickass coach, and for her lightning-quick, graceful moves on the track.

HRD’s founder, Jenneral Ms.Chief, looks back at their early days together with a smile on her face.  Since day one, you would think Sissy and Jenneral were at odds with each other – “we respectfully disagreed on many subjects,” says Jenneral.  “As a founder with a really specific vision, Sissy Jr. really challenged me to expand my thought process and to be open to other points of view.  Little did we know it would be the beginning of an amazing friendship.  I watched Sissy Jr. grow and excel at everything she tackled.  Recently at a practice we were all pushing ourselves to do a new skill, backwards jumping.  In true Sissy Jr. form she did a backwards 360.  Amazing!  With rugged form and a fierceness in her eyes, she has continued to be a top jammer in our league.  Through her will, tenacity to succeed, and love of roller derby, Sissy has always been a member of HRD that her peers admire, respect, love, and trust.”

Congratulations, Sissy!  We wouldn’t be the HRD everyone knows and loves today without you.

Don’t miss us too much…stay tuned for more fun updates from HRD in December!