As the holiday season and 2011 come to a close, we want to honor one more of our fabulous skaters, who has helped make Humboldt Roller Derby the fun and forward-moving league we are so proud to be.  Congrats, kudos, and tons of thanks go out to Anti Hero, our December Skater of the Month!

Anti Hero, better known by many of us as just “Anti,” has been with the league since our early days.  HRD’s founder, Jenneral Ms.Chief, calls her our “first newbie” in that she single-handedly created a voice and ideas for new skaters joining our tight-knit group.  “She gave us the tools to be open and accept community members in,” remembers Jenneral.  “We always dreamed of having a large league here in Humboldt County, but really did not know what that meant.  Anti gave us a voice.”

Anti’s devotion and contributions to HRD over the years would be impossible to measure.  Not only has she helped us to grow and organize, but she has taken on the roles of coach, newbie coordinator,  kickass pivot and blocker, and most of all, amazing teammate.  “She plays with her heart and she plays with her brains,” says Jenneral.  “It’s a lethal combination.  She sees the bigger picture [and] communicates to her team.  If you ask for her help, she will gladly give it, and she wants those around her to succeed.”

In her own words, Anti is oh-so-modest…but we happen to know that she’s pretty awesome.  She owns and runs a cosmetic teeth whitening company called Vividly White Smiles, is planning to set up a non-profit rescue organization for dogs, and has done some print work for a local kayaking company called Kokatat.  She’s actually been quite an artist since she was young, and has dabbled in competitive softball, swimming, and kickboxing over the years (as if derby wasn’t grueling enough!).

At the age of 5, Anti says she aspired to become a professional ballerina.  “That dream would be short lived,” she says, as “soon I realized I was much better suited for roller derby.  As I stood backstage in my perfect pink tutu, waiting for the curtain to rise, I realized one of my fellow ballerinas – and now nemesis – was holding my much admired Pillow Person prop (it had gone missing seconds prior to taking the stage).”  Can you just imagine the look on little Anti’s face?  She was having none of that!  “I clobbered her in just enough time for the curtain to rise as I took my position, Pillow Person in hand…the show must go on!”  And so it does in the present day, where Anti is now a rockstar derby skater, married, with a Bachelor’s Degree from UNLV, having traveled to Antarctica, and is always up for new adventures.

If you don’t already remember her from the ’80s TV show Romper Room (oh yeah, she was on there!), look for Anti Hero (#40 oz) out on the track with the stripe on her helmet.  In the words of her fellow skaters, she is an amazing teammate – and a perfect selection for such a great recognition.

Cheers to Anti, and happy New Year to you all!