Once in a while (well, quarterly) we like to honor someone who devotes their free time to making Humboldt Roller Derby even better than the best we thought it could be.  This quarter we’re giving a huge thank-you to our fabulous crew of videographers, Flat Track Arrhythmia Pictures – who we know better as Michelle, Ivy, and Eliot.

This talented and enthusiastic group started working with HRD ages ago, filming bouts from all the best spots on the track and helping coaches and skaters to identify the best moves (and where improvement might be needed).  They spend about 20 hours per bout filming, editing, and turning the best footage into DVDs.  During their spare time, they’ve even created a variety of different compilations and montages for HRD.  You can check them out on YouTube under FlatTrackHeart – their footage of our “Sock Derby” was shared all over the internet and has over 12,000 views!

When they’re not working their butts off for the love of derby, the Flat Track Arrhythmia crew are busy with plenty of other creative endeavors.  Ivy is a Humboldt Pirate Radio DJ and hosts music and poetry nights at the “Green House” in Arcata – plus, Ivy and Eliot were even co-directors of the Humboldt Film Festival.  Eliot, who is a funeral director by day (and sometimes by night), is currently training as a ref and NSO (non-skating official) for HRD.  Michelle, who is a modest Ph.D., teaches at College of the Redwoods, mentors at-risk youth, and has actually written a book (“The Media Poet”), available locally and through Amazon.com.  She’s starting to learn skating skills as well, so we hope to have her as a Widow Maker or Redwood Roller soon!

HRD loves, loves, loves our videographers, and we appreciate all of the hard, amazing work they’ve put into helping us over the years!  Thanks, guys!