When we read over all the nominations for this month’s “SOTM,” we found a whole pile of compliments for one fabulous lady:  Jule Injection!  Jules is what we like to call a “triple threat,” or an amazing jammer, pivot, and blocker.  Not only is she great out on the track, but she’s an inspiring leader.  As one of our Redwood Rollers team captains, her fellow skaters say “she get her serious pants on, but still smiles.”  She’s a blast to be around and has a natural talent for keeping everybody motivated, on-task, and at their very best.

Jules is the Grand Poo-Bah, says fellow skater Vena Schnytzel (who you might remember as last month’s SOTM) – “a founding member and president of the Ankle Breaker’s Club and welcomes all with open arms!  She is a smart player with a spitfire personality, so look out for her on the track – don’t ever turn your back or you’ll be flat on yours!”  Another favorite tidbit:  her favorite things to eat are the white sticks out of Fun Dip packages.

This girl has been on skates since she was four years old!  “My dad used to take me all over Santa Cruz and sometimes to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to skate,” she says, “which is probably why I love street skating so much.”  She also spent her fair share of time at the roller rink.  “It was the ’70s, early ’80s, a time period that was both gross and awesome.   Skating was the thing to do, and for me, it still is.  I plan on skating until I’m super old.”  Which is awesome because she says her teammates already call her Grandpa.

Jules says she’s just a simple gal – she loves coffee, airstream trailers, all animals (she’s especially into horses right now), whistling, horror movies, and cheese.  “I also enjoy loud music and cussing when appropriate,” she adds.  And in case you couldn’t tell by her super awesome program photo over there…her mom is her hero.

Thanks Jule, for being such a rad captain, skater, and person in general.  We love you!