Humboldt Roller Derby is a great league and we are lucky to be in a “thriving metropolis” like Eureka that allows us a good pool of women with whom to fill our rosters and our wonderful Board and volunteer positions.  However, there are many leagues that we share the majestic North West with who do not have this luxury, one of which is Trinity County Roller Derby.  

Comprised of just a handful of skaters they welcomed Ole Chole, myself and several other girls from Redding and Coos Bay to travel to Hayfork and play with them against Chico Roller Derby on July 7th.  It was a relatively close game considering that most of the women on our team had never even met each other but Chico was able to take the lead in the last few jams and win the game with a solid defense.  

If you are a skater looking for some experience skating with lots of different leagues or a fan looking to catch as much roller derby action as possible I recommend you start by trolling Facebook for all the great leagues there are out there. Chances are if you are headed to Iowa to visit Aunt Lily you might be able to sneak away for a newbie practice or even be able to talk her into seeing a bout with you. Derby is everywhere, I even hear you can watch “merby” — man derby —  as close as Ukiah! 

E Wheels, Grrrl, Jule, Connie, Glory, Thunder and Poisin all share a cool drink after the Trinity game