Everyone please join us in congratulating our August Skater of the Month, Scrappy Scrappy Joy Joy!!! <

Scrappy joined HRD’s boot camp in early 2011 and has been going strong ever since!  Her super hard-working ethic has made her an indispensible part of the league, having served as a skater liaison to the Board of Directors, a coach for the Saplings Junior Roller Derby League, a dedicated track cleaner, and the official 2012 HRD helmet glitter-er!  She has advanced so much in her skating abilities from when she first started and now is a proud rostered skater for the Widow Makers.  Usually enjoying a blocking position, Scrappy has been known to jam.   Her sneaky blacked-out raccoon eye face paint for the August bout helped her stealth movements around the track.  Scrappy is often seen skating outdoors at every opportunity:  skating to work and skating around McKinleyville and Arcata in her free time. 

Off the track, you can see Scrappy at work at the golf course in McKinleyville, Beau Pre.  Her husband of 11 years is supportive of her derby career, watching her at bouts and friends and family skating events, and he even listens to her talking about derby!  Scrappy has two children:  the 14-year-old girl Makenzi is a member of Humboldt’s own Saplings (look out for “Panda Ninja” on the track!) and Perrin, her 10-year-old boy, loves to golf and fish.  Scrappy is made of a very athletic cloth, having played various sports such as soccer and basketball in her past.  Her skills as a cheerleader and dancer (ballet, jazz, tap) have obviously yielded wonderful skating dexterity.

Her hilarious and infectious snort-laugh can be heard from the pro shop at Beau Pre echoing across the coastal valleys and Redwood Acres Fairgrounds and beyond.  We salute you, Scrappy, for being a great team player and your amazing energy.  Thank you for all you do!

Volunteers of the Month – Miles and Amos!
We at Humboldt Roller Derby value our volunteers.  Like, really value them.  This August we are featuring Miles and Amos for our Volunteers of the Month!  Give them a round of applause!

Miles and Amos have been around since our founding days in 2007, when HRD was faced with creating and structuring a roller derby league.  Non-skating officials were needed, and Miles and Amos fit the bill.  Both of these strapping lads are a couple of our penalty box timers, with Miles heading it up as the Penalty Box Manager – perhaps because he has never missed a home bout, ever.  The Manager has the burly task of timing the jammers, requiring Miles to be quick to think on his feet.  Amos is handed the job of timing the blockers in the box, timing multiple blockers at once.  Amos and Miles have single-handedly run the penalty box themselves, giving them even less time to watch the game from “the best seat in the house”.  This gets crazy when you consider that there could be as many as eight skaters assigned to the penalty box at any given time! 

The best seat in the house can also put you in the line of fire, however.  Miles and Amos have had their penalty table, chairs and time clocks launched high in the air upon the arrival of some over-zealous skaters sent to the penalty box, only to have the oftentimes pissed-off skater ask them why they got a penalty!  Remember, skaters, they are not allowed to talk to you unless to tell you when your time is up! 

Miles and Amos put in their time by coming to every single scrimmage, bout, meeting and league event they can possibly make it to, help out training new people, are loyal and dependable and represent our Officials staff very well.  We honor them as valued members of our team.  Thank you, Miles and Amos!!!