We now introduce our two beloved Volunteers of the Month, Malice in Wonderland and SueSueSuedio!

Roller derby isn’t just a rough sport on the track, it is also a rough sport off the track, with hundreds of volunteers needed to keep our league rolling.  Some of the most dedicated volunteers we have are on our Board of Directors.  Both serving on our Board of Directors for the past few years, Malice in Wonderland and SueSueSuedio have contributed countless hours of hard work – without the bruises and ice packs.

Malice in Wonderland not only served on our BOD (and we are sad to see her go!), but also handled the coordination of our sponsorship drive for 2010 and 2011.  Contacting sponsors, collecting contracts and being the go-to gal for the drive is a feat for a whole team of volunteers, let alone just one!  She also managed to be available to direct business traffic and be a face for HRD for all of our home bouts, and we are eternally grateful for her contributions.  Malice’s favorite part of Humboldt Roller Derby is the people she got to know and the fun and exciting bouts.  “Helping transform Franchesci Hall from a big metal building to a space filled with noise, fans, music, lights and DERBY is pretty cool! I really enjoyed working with my fellow board members – they are an amazing and hard working group of people,” says Malice.

One of the hats that Malice wears that takes up even more time than roller derby is that she is a Principal at Redway and Whitethorn Elementary schools for her job.  Tirelessly commuting from Arcata to Redway each day, Malice has tackled one of her dream jobs, and they are certainly lucky to have her!  In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her two daughters, cook, underwater basketweave, work on her house, go to the river, and watch endless episodes of shows on Netflix.

Sadly, Malice’s call of duty to the children and teachers of Southern Humboldt and other commitments has resulted in her having to leave our Board of Directors at the end of this year.  We thank you so much for everything you have done for us, Malice!  We look forward to seeing you back as a fan (and hopefully a volunteer, if we can twist her arm) next season!

SueSueSuedio had a great roll with us.  She was with HRD for about three years, working hard on our Board of Directors and spending time behind the scenes helping us stitch together our roller derby league.  Sue is well-known in the non-profit world, volunteering with many organizations over the years.  We are truly lucky to have had her help for so long and will miss her dearly!  Says Suedio about the sport, “It’s definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done…The dedication of every person associated with Humboldt Roller Derby is so impressive.  It always felt like I had to work as hard as the people around me. . . and that meant I was always working pretty darn hard.  Having been involved with many non-profits, I was astounded by the strides this organization made in such a short time. Once I got on the board, I knew how they were doing it: lots of intense discussion with a clear organizational mission.  I was always proud to be part of an amazing organization.  I was fortunate to get to know some wonderful women and men in the process.”

For a career, SueSueSuedio is the Program Director for the Arcata Economic Development Corporation, which helps support economic development by providing lending to businesses who may not be able to find funding through traditional banks.  “I work with the community on projects that support small business . . . including Lemonade Day, a youth entrepreneurship program that encourages kids to have lemonade stands to learn about running a business.” Totally sweet!

Once you see the roster of organizations that Sue is involved in around the community, you realize why we were lucky to enjoy such a large piece of her volunteer time pie.  Always striving for change and progress, Sue works on different projects such as the Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival, several Youth Entrepreneurs projects, Toastmasters, and other projects as they come up, like a TedxEureka Conference coming in December.  “There are so many interesting things in this community, I have a hard time sticking with one for too long,” says Sue.  Don’t you other non-profits get any ideas now!

Sue has two kids:  a daughter who is a former Sapling (and future Redwood Roller!) and a junior at Eureka High, and a son, Cedric, who just started at College of the Redwoods.  When they have the rare chance to spend time together, they all enjoy playing charades and lip-syncing to episodes of Hannah Montana.

If you ever see SueSueSuedio around town, please give her a high five from us!  We appreciate what you’ve done for us, Sue!  Warm thanks from HRD!:)