I have had the privilege of skating with Humboldt Roller Derby for 3 seasons, and from that experience I can tell you:  PLAYING ROLLER DERBY IS HARD.  “What makes it so hard?”you may ask.  As a player you must block, hit, evade, and work with a team all while flying around the track at 10-15 mph wearing skates on your feet.  It is challenging enough for most people to skate, let alone add movements that most other athletes only accomplish on their own two feet.

Every season, Humboldt Roller Derby trainers coach Training Camps for new skaters.  These camps teach basic roller skating skills and roller derby techniques needed to play the sport.  Each year we have new women who are up for the challenge of  joining our Level 1 and Level 2 training camps to see if they have what it takes to become a part of our teams.  Many of these women have never skated or played a contact sport.  Yet, they are able to accomplish what to many others may seem impossible; they learn the skills that it takes to play.  My deepest admiration and respect always goes out to the skaters in our training camps.  Trying ANYTHING new for the average person is hard.  Most people don’t want to fail or go through the struggles of learning something different or difficult.  But these women do.  They come to practice, work hard, and kick some serious ass!   It takes so much commitment and fearlessness to learn how to play this sport, and these women exhibit those qualities every time they step on the track.

This past week, our league held assessments for our Training Camp skaters.  This is a nerve wracking test where skaters show our league coaches how far they have come with their skills.  At the end, they find out if their skills are strong enough to move up and become a part of HRD’s teams.  We are so excited to announce that all of our amazing Training Camp skaters passed their test and are ready to join!!!!

A huge thank you goes out to our trainers: Ruckus, Ferocious Dimples, Jule Injection, Addios Bitchitos, Pressure Cooker, McNasty, Harley SanQuentin, and Ole Chole for working tirelessly to coach and support our new skaters.

And now without further ado, Humboldt Roller Derby’s talented and hardworking new teammates:


Top Row: Amanda, Bambi. Michelle, Vena, Mel, Aria, Michelle

Kneeling:  Michelle and E. Wheels

Stay tuned to learn more about these new skaters!