Please join us to congratulate Delia as the November Volunteer of the Month.

Some HRD jobs seem like they will never end, so it’s a good thing that Delia is a volunteer who never stops!

She skated as a kid and jumped at the chance to apply herself as an adult. She started at boot camp in May of 2007 and quickly noted that she could best apply her mad skills to being a referee and call penalties instead of making them. By the end of that year she proved herself and worked her way the Head Referee. Jammer ref, inside pack and outside pack–Delia has worked every possible skate referee position. She has a perfect record and has served the league as a skating referee in every home bout, including the phenomenal responsibilities of being Head Referee for over 40 bouts!

But her work doesn’t stop there. As Head Referee Delia’s responsibilities stretch from administrative regular duties like budget management, referee insurance management, Yahoo maintenance, and ref attendance records into special duties including communicating with and scheduling visiting coaches, liaison between the officials and both skaters and the board of directors, and then makes time to take care of HRD long-term concerns as a member of the Training Workgroup that creates bout rosters and trains new HRD officials.

Delia’s work and effort has shaped the competent crew of officials which has helped Humboldt Roller Derby obtain WFTDA membership. She is an official HRD WFTDA representative and diligently keeps the team current with new rules, clarifications and practices. She attends WFTDA meetings and keeps the BoD up to date with her professional presentation of topics covered at that meeting

During competition Delia maintains excellent bout flow and keeps the game moving with a minimal number of official time-outs. She calls penalties in a consistently clear, fair and unprejudiced manner and, and importantly, she prioritizes skater safety and does not tolerate any code of conduct violations by the officials.

Thank you Delia, for your commitment that has contributed so much to the growth and reputation of HRD!