Tula laying a hit on Santa Cruz jammerCongratulations to our Skater of the month, Rotten Tula Core!
Teammates describe her as a “great overall player”, and “a strong member of the team, always willing to play any position, even if it’s scary!”-HRD
Tula laughs about when she first started, back when she was that kid at the rink that would slam face first into the wall to stop, but boy has she come a long way from that!
Tula started with HRD back in 2010, quickly making her way on to the team. Immediately after making the team however, she succumbed to the infamous *nine-month injury*also known as Emerson, the youngest of her four children. Now back from her “terrible injury”(pregnancy), she has come back in December of 2011 full force putting a lot of time and energy into skating. Tula says that roller derby has helped her overcome an anxiety disorder, and that despite being nervous when answering phones, she loves skating so much that she hardly gets nervous at all in front of the hundreds of fans at bouts.
Tula says she didn’t have much access to athletics until college where she rowed with the HSU Crew team for four years, which ignited her passion for competition. That passion shows not only in roller derby, but when running marathons, (one in her 20’s, and currently  training for the Trinidad to Clam beach marathon), and even taking a plunge into moonstone beach to start the new year.
Off the track she stays busy caring for her children, Grace(10) , Ashton (7), Avery (5), and  Emerson (15 months). Not only is she athletic and beautiful, but also smart. Tula has a degree in engineering, and currently works with Traffic Safety for Caltrans, doing Roadway Departure investigations. Tula is a vegetarian, and if you see her at the after party, her favorite cocktail is vodka and cranberry.