Harley assesses the situation on the jammer line

Harley assesses the situation on the jammer line

Please join us in congratulating HARLEY SAN QUINNTIN as our Skater of the Month for January 2013!

Harley joined our bootcamp in 2011 as soon as she turned 21 (our former age requirement) after waiting 2 whole years to join Humboldt Roller Derby. During those two years she spent her time practicing her skate moves at Blue Lake Roller Rink, where she currently works, which helped her breeze her way through the bootcamp system. Since being placed on the Widow Maker’s roster Harley has continued to work hard to hold down a spot as one of our leagues least penalty heavy jammers (only 4 trips to the box thus far in her career!!!). Harley was also a co-captain of the Widow Makers last season, as well as helped out in our bootcamp as a Level 1 trainer and also as a coach for our league during our off season. She’s a great teammate and will do whatever the league asks of her, whether that’s doing inventory on loaner gear for our boot camp attendees or hosting off skates workouts for her team mates.

When she’s not on her skates Harley can be found on campus at Humboldt State University where she is studying for a degree in kinesiology and participates in the Humboldt Circus. Harley can break down athletic movement for you AND juggle or spin fire at the same time! Harley likes puppies, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Pokemon, and other awesome nerdy things. Harley also likes to experiment with hair color: she often shows up to practice with blue, pink, red, or black  hair depending on how adventurous she’s feeling.

Fun fact:
Harley skates without her glasses, and technically can’t she while she skates. She’s pretty much like a bat, echo-locating her way through the pack.

Thanks Harley for all that you do!