Our newest skater of the month is not just anybody, it’s SUMBODY!!!
SumBody's watching...

SumBody’s watching…

Sumbody, #Dial 911, is starting her first season this year as a valued teammate of Humboldt Roller Derby. Fellow skaters describe Sumbody as, “Tough, determined, and improving everyday”. Sumbody is a really hard hit’n blocker, who can make a jammer shake in her star panty.
By day Sumbody is a bookkeeper, crunching numbers, and by night, as a skater for HRD, she crunches opposing players. Sumbody uses both of these skills to contribute to our league, being badass on the track and using her bookkeeping smarts to help with the teams budget and financial organization. Sumbody says that she enjoys her work, which gives her the opportunity to meet many entrepenuers in Humboldt working on exciting projects.
In her spare time Sumbody loves to cook and have friends over for dinner. Her and her husband, Carter, restored a 1964 vintage Shasta travel trailer that they like to take camping.
Sumbody is strong and powerful, but also someone you can talk to. Skaters comment that she is always helpful when you,”need Sumbody to lean on”. Sumbody says she likes to let her actions speak for her, and that she admires the women who have built this league on pure heart and hard work and hopes to make a lasting contribution as a show of appreciation to those that have come before her. In the short time she has been in the league, she has already accomplished that, and we appreciate all of the hard work Sumbody does on and off the track!
Fun fact:
Sumbody is a licensed contractor for finish carpentry, cabinetry & millworks, who used to travel the world installing bars and fancy woodwork in homes, restaurants etc. before she got into bookkeeping.