Ruby in all of her cherubic glory, timing penalties for a recent scrimmage

Ruby in all of her cherubic glory, timing penalties for a recent scrimmage

Ruby, aka Christiana Coffman, is one of the super-est of super volunteers Humboldt Roller Derby has ever had the luck of having. Ruby first fell in love with roller derby when she started skating in our drop-in clinics in 2009. Though she soon decided that skating just wasn’t for her, she stuck with HRD – finding many ways to lend her time, expertise and a helping hand.

By day, Ruby works at a local credit union and in her spare time she miraculously volunteers for a host of other local organizations. Ruby has not only served as an HRD board member, HRD head of non skating officials, and HRD PR chair – she also serves on the board at The Sequoia Zoo. When not at one of her volunteer gigs, she is either in the kitchen baking fabulous gourmet treats worthy of their very own bakery or out on the town with friends. How she manages we will never know!!!

Ruby has since retired from the HRD Board of Directors and is now serving as the Head Non Skating Official and a member of the PR committee. You can see her in the middle of the track during bouts – working diligently with a clipboard and making sure all of the other non skating officials and the referees have the support they need. Behind the scenes she is coordinating the posters and making minor updates to the webpage. We are very lucky to have her as our very own Ruby Red. We’re convinced, she must be magic! We truly don’t know where we would be without her.

HRD thanks Ruby for all her work and the part she has played in building this great organization that allows women and girls in Humboldt County engage in the athletics, empowerment and community. Next time you see her at a bout, give her your thanks too!