The name says it, all this girl brings the Ruckus! Don’t let her size fool you, Ruckus is a tenaciously vicious blocker. Just when a jammer thinks they are out of the pack, she will come in for the hit and suck her back in! Teammates describe her as a great team player that always has her teammates back out on the track. Ruckus is currently coaching for the Redwood rollers and for boot camp. Off skates she helps with booking the season, as she is one of the inter-league coordinators, scheduling competitive teams for our Rollers and Widows to bout against all season long. Ruckus first joined HRD in January of 2009. She started off as a Widow Maker and earned her spot on the Redwood Rollers in the 2010 season through her hard work and dedication. Ruckus is super dedicated to the league as she drives 45 min to come to practice 3-4 times a week!
Fun Fact: She is a huge Wu Tang fan… Hence the name Ruckus… Because she definitely brings it!