Although she never played an organized sport before joining HRD in 2009, PoiSIN has amazing athleticism, leaving skaters in the dust and on the floor with her amazing speed and hard hits.  Her form is stupendous; she gets so low she could eat a strip of bacon right off the top of her skates using no hands!  Not only is she an invaluable skater for the Redwood Rollers, she is also contributing to the future of Roller Derby through her daughter Savannah (A.K.A. Squirrel Stalker) who skates for HRD’s junior league, the Redwood Saplings.  PoiSIN also has two older sons who are very supportive of her and are huge fans of HRD!

Her teammates recognize that “she’s dedicated and does a ton for HRD. She’s a beast on the track and values her teammates”, and that she, “works hard, gets so darn low, hits hard, and keeps her head in the game”. Skaters also say that, “she’s solid, a true teammate, kind, hard-hitting, and basically a superstar”. She is a superstar in every aspect of HRD.

Fun facts:  PoiSIN loves chocolate, so if you ever wanted to buy her some candy, Chocolate Leaping Frogs are her favorite.  Keep your eyes peeled for Bruce Wayne, because PoiSIN’s dream car is the Batmobile!  Watch out for PoiSIN’s dark side; she is known to train baby koalas in hand-to-hand combat techniques…