This is David’s third year volunteering for Humboldt Roller Derby and second year as head usher at all HRD home bouts. David first began volunteering for HRD when his daughter Zoe (aka Traffic Accident), joined the league’s Redwood Saplings program; a league for girls ages 11-17. This proud father looks back at how far his daughter has come and how the saplings program has really helped her come out of her shell. It has enhanced her ability to work with others as well as take on leadership rolls for her team.

David says his favorite thing about volunteering is the fun sell-out crowds at each home bout, which he stays busy keeping in their place. Knowing volunteers are essential to keeping HRD rolling, David says he’s proud to help such a great sport succeed.

David is excited to see the Saplings play their debut home bout on June 8th, when they will be opening for HRD’s own Redwood Rollers. You won’t see him ushering in the first bout of this double-header, he’ll be too busy cheering his daughter on! He won’t be the only one cheering. Fresh off a win in Santa Cruz, and the Saplings will receive some well-deserved recognition locally.

Fun fact:When he’s not volunteering for HRD, David is busy at work at Ramz Glass, a wholesale glass company that he owns and operates.

If you know someone who would like to get involved in the Saplings program, contact us at:

Be sure to cheer on the Saplings and the Redwood Rollers at our double-header bout on June 8th, tickets on sale now at, the Works, and Peoples Records.