Greek and DestroyUnfortunately, you haven’t seen this Greek goddess on the track lately because she has been off skates for nearly 5 months due to injury. Injury however, is no match for her mental toughness, and getting voted this honor by her fellow skaters is a testament to how important a player can be by contributing in other ways. By still coming to practice, contributing to meetings and work-groups, and being supportive of her teammates, she sets an example for all players who will undoubtedly succumb to injury, proving that you can be an asset to your team even when off-skates.
For Greek, Derby really has been a life changer. She says that not only does Derby build confidence in physical ability, but she has gained mental strength from it too. “I’m going on month 5 of an injury and there have been plenty of times where I feel like a chump being an injury statistic. But you remind yourself that it’s all temporary and is just a part of derby”. Fighting to get back out there, she loves her teammates, and watching the growth and success of the women in HRD.
This months write up is bittersweet. After being voted skater of the month by her teammates, Greek decided to move back to her home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Greek has been gracing Humboldt for the last 5 years, but in October she’ll be trading Redwoods for Skyscrapers. Greek is excited to live in a large city again, with lots of things to get into. The Brew City Bruisers are the Milwaukee Roller Derby league and she says she will DEFINITELY be checking them out, and hopefully skating with them in the future. We wish her the best, and will be cheering her on! No matter where she goes, she will Greek and Destroy!
Fun fact: Greek enjoys nature and photography, and of course kitties. Greek has been affectionately deemed the crazy-cat lady of our group, and the person that gets all of the funny cat posts that her teammates find online.