If you’ve been to any of out home bouts, them you already know Jason (our announcer) and his wonder-dog, Shadow! The skaters put on the show, but they are the real stars! You will see him running around announcing HRD events with arguably as much energy as the skaters competing at the event, and in the corner you can spot his trusted companion,the black and white dog sporting the HRD shirt, our unofficial mascot,Shadow.
Jason helps fans stay in on the action, with thoughtful and witty commentary. And he doesn’t just show up on bout day and wing it, he actually researches each team before they arrive to our venue, going on a fact finding mission about the theme of the team and skater names and uses that as inspiration for his announcing and banter with fans.
His owners say that Shadow knows when its game night, when he gets to wear his HRD shirt, and they say that on the drive to Redwood Acres he is filled with joy and barks the whole way to the event. Shadow also loves performing for kids, as you can tell by his amazing performances between bouts.
Like Shadow, Jason also looks forward to bout day, and says he enjoys supporting this amazing sport through his voice. Skaters say that we have the best announcer of any team, and if you have the chance to visit other leagues, we think you’ll agree, we are so lucky to have Jason making the fan experience exciting and unforgettable. 
This twosome has been with HRD since the very beginning, longer than most skaters. Jason is also Jennifer McMahon’s (our league’s founder), partner in crime, life, and love. Jen says that Jason was her trusted adviser from the beginning, giving his time and support to starting the league,and without him, there may not be a Humboldt Roller Derby.  
If you want more of Jason, you can visit him at S.T.I.L. on Broadway in Eureka, be sure to congratulate him on getting voted volunteer of the month and thank him for all he has contributed to the league. 
Fascinating fact: Not only do Jason and Shadow entertain crowds at our home bouts, but this pair has also won a local dog trick show at the Farm Store.