You know her as Villain, but she is a hero of Humboldt roller derby. Villain began her derby career in October of 2010 and quickly worked her way onto the Redwood Rollers All-Star Team in February of 2011.  Growing up, Villain would terrorize the boys on her local ice and quad hockey teams, and also played on her high school’s field hockey team. Villain Thomas is the total package, playing both jammer and blocking positions. As a jammer you’ll see her bright orange hair glistening like fire as she speeds around the track, blowing kisses to the audience. In either position she ensures that opposing blockers “Do not go gentle into that night” as she pummels them out of bounds with fierce strength and incredible accuracy. Not only a hero, but a leader in HRD, Villain is one of our leagues coaches and Newbie Trainers, molding our skaters and helping even the most accomplished members hone their skills with a kindness and understanding like no other.

When Villain is not punishing her opponents on skates, she is preparing to be a graduate student in HSU’s English department’s masters program.  She also works at S.T.I.L., Humboldt County’s premier skate shop, where she helps new and veteran skaters find the gear and skates of their dreams.  In her free time, Villain is a master of knitting, embroidery, and sewing.  She is also a lover of gardening, spending countless hours nurturing flowers, vegetables, and her extensive collection of carnivorous plants.

Thank you Villain for all of your hard work on and off skates.  You are an inspiration to us all!