Olé!Olé!Olé!Olé!Olé…Cholé! You know the song, and hundreds of fans sing along as Olé speeds around the track and jumps the apex! It doesn’t get more exciting than that. A true crowd pleaser, Olé is a fearless jammer with immense talent.

Olé Cholé first joined Humboldt Roller Derby at the end of last season. Her first bout with our league was against Sacred City, where she jammed for the Rollers. Olé says that she has been skating for 3 years now, and “taught myself how to skate by throwing on skates and skating everywhere- school with a backpack, to and from parties, errands shopping, everywhere. You learn quick on the streets with gallons of milk in each hand or a backpack full of school books! I even walked into my classes with my skates on… up and down stairs on campus and everything”. All that skating has clearly paid off, and anyone interested in skating could take a page from her book and practice whenever, and wherever possible.

This dedication to skating has helped her as one of our Saplings coaches, where she has helped girls jump and leap into becoming smart strong derby players, in one of the Saplings strongest seasons ever. Olé continues to bring her influence and inspiration to our boot-camp for beginning skaters this season.

Olé’s Derby wife, Ragin’ Reg of the Tsunami Sirens remembers, “The minute Cholé walked into NCRD practice, I knew she was something special”. Olé credits Reg for teaching her how to skate fast, which is now her ” superpower”. She also says that Sloppy Joe, Reg’s husband (who is on a top ten MRDA team), challenged her to try new things and taught her how to jump the apex. Olé remembers, “a year after skating on my own I was recruited to play with Redding, North Coast Roller Derby, Trinity Roller Derby, and Mendo’s 707 Co-Ed coalition. I wasn’t old enough to join HRD so I skated with the Sirens until I was 21 then transferred with their blessing”. With all these teams that would love to have her, we are lucky she has found a home with HRD.

All of this skill has not given this skater of the month a big head though, as skaters take notice that she always appreciates the help and input. “She asked questions, she tried things and repeated them over and over until she got them right and then she moved on to the next thing. And she still keeps doing that til this day”-Ragin’Reg. Reg also says that, “I predict Olé Cholé will be derby famous across the nation before we know it. She is young, coachable, energetic and a natural athlete. In addition to all that, she is the sweetest girl I have ever met. The entire world was blessed with her arrival……..not just the derby world!” … we couldn’t agree more.
One more time for Olé, sing it with us!, Olé!Olé!Olé!Olé!Olé…Cholé!

Fascinating fact: When not skating Olé can be found crafting, making jewelry and hula hoops, and collecting specimen from dead whales on the beach.