Slithering into our September skater of the month spot is… Snakes Anna Plane!
Snakes Anna Plane, number 747, started with Humboldt Roller Derby just over a year ago, quickly making her way through the ranks to secure a spot with our home team, HRD’s Widow Makers. Teammates take notice that she is a fast learner, and predict that she will be skating with our A team, the Redwood Rollers, in no time. Playing both blocker and jammer positions as needed, she has proven to be as flexible as her reptilian alter-ego. Snakes is a fearless skater, never afraid to try out new moves on the track, continuously leaving opposing players screaming, “Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother effin snakes on this mother effin plane!”-Snakes on a Plane, (New Line Cinema 2006). See her killer moves for yourself at our last home bout of the season, this Saturday, 9/14.

Teammates take notice of her dedication to improvement and say that she helps to keep them dedicated through her example. Always cool and collected, she is someone for new skaters to emulate and has proven how far you can come with the right amount of effort and dedication to the sport. Seeing how far she has come in just a year of skating leaves us in amazement thinking of how far she will go as a Derby skater. With a background in ice-skating, it’s no wonder she’s a natural on quad skates.

Off the track Snakes works as a graphic designer, volunteering her skills in our own PR committee, and as a founder of our new graphic design team. Snakes also works for Holly Yashi designing advertisements and catalogs for this popular local business. You can see some of her work yourself in much of our own program graphics and merchandise designs.

Fun Facts: Snakes loves adventure, but is ironically scared of snakes. She is a jack of all trades, from sailing to sewing she is skilled at a variety of things, but she is best known for her ability to make ridiculous faces in pictures.