Our latest skater of the month, and our favorite treat this holiday season, is none other than Sugar Rush!
candy’s to describe her: Now and Later, War Heads, Sour Patch Kids, Jaw Breaker, Rolo, Red hots, Bazooka,…you get the idea.
One of our newer skaters, Sugar started playing with the Widow Makers just last season, quickly proving her athletic skills and ability Sugar ended Humboldt Roller Derby’s 2013 season as a blocker for our A team, the Redwood Rollers in their away bout in San Jose against Silicon Valley Roller Girls on September 28th.
Sugar Rush proves that she is also versatile, playing both jammer and blocker positions as needed by her team. Her quick advancement through teams can be credited in no small part to her perfect attendance! During our home season scrimmages Sugar can be seen jamming, running from blockers as if they were vegetables. She carries her athleticism off of the track where she trains in Aikido, as well as biking and running to maintain her high level of fitness. Like a sour-patch-kid, she is sour on the track and sweet inside, with a smile and positive words for all of her teammates. We don’t ever want to crash from this sugar rush!
As a member of our merchandise team, she helps with inventory and tracking, getting sweet new HRD gear out to fans.
Sugars’ partner Steve says that, “she spends her time applying her Aikido skills fighting off ninja attackers and baking cookies. I’ve even see her do both at the same time. Quite impressive, really.”  She also spends time scrap booking, reading, taking pictures, hanging with her animals, talking to inanimate objects while by her self, and watching Bones, the TV show.
If you see her, give her some candy or a cupcake to show your appreciation of someone so dedicated to HRD, and a truly valued member of our league.
Fascinating facts: You can call her Dr. Sugar Rush , she has a PhD in Psychology, and she hates condiments.