photo by Amy Kumler

Ruckus started her skating career with Humboldt Roller Derby in January of 2009. Shortly after in 2010 she started a ruckus in our training camp, and has stuck with it, being one of our most dedicated level 2 trainers for four years now. After years of training, coaching came naturally to Ruckus. She started coaching in our 2013 season, and has stuck with it through this season. A series of unfortunate injuries has kept Ruck from fulfilling her career as a skater, but has given HRD the chance to take full advantage of her awesome coaching skills. We have been lucky to have her as a bench coach for most of our bouts last season as well as the beginning of this season. As a bench coach Ruckus started and mastered the infamous I’m pissed at that ref call hair flip with the hand. If you watch her closely at a bout you may be able to witness it in action!

Ruckus brings a different kind of attitude to the track t hat keeps things fun while still whoopin butt! She’s always smiling while telling us “y’all need ta get lower, skate faster, and/or hit harder…..know wut I’m sayin…..don’t be talkin, just do it”. I never know if she’s smiling because she’s so proud of us, or because finally she has a group of people that do exactly what she says when she say’s it. She says jump, we say how high….deep down inside she glows a little because of this fact.

While Ruckus’ coaching and skating style can be in your face/hustle like there’s no tomorrow, she has an extremely caring and somewhat delicate side to her. She has a super sweet bull mastiff named Rudy who actually gets sympathy pains. Yes, that’s right, every time Ruckus gets injured Rudy starts limping in pain. Then they heal at the same time, how adorable! Ruckus is also an extremely dedicated friend and teammate. When we’re rolling with Ruckus we know we got our backs covered! And I speak from experience when I say that she will literally slap the sense into you if need be, now that’s a good friend!!

On a more personal note, Ruckus has to be the BIGGEST Raider’s fan EVER! She knows more sports trivia than most people’s brothers, fathers, and grandfather’s combined. As a child she had dreams of Bobby Brown and Marvin Gaye, and still does on a good night. Your Ruckus bringin, Jordan sportin, Wu-Tang linstenin, Bobby luvin self is so loved and appreciated by everyone at HRD! Thanks for being you!