Pressure Cooker #61 first graced HRD with her presence at our bootcamp in 2011.  I would have described her as clunky and awkward, as most of us are when we put skates on for the first time. This woman defines hard photo by Amy Kumler work and dedication, and is proof that it all pays off. She always pushes harder and does not understand giving up. This self proclaimed former band nerd (clearly the marching band is much cooler than portrayed in the media) marched her way off the soccer track and into many other sports  in high school.

Pressur Cooker, “PC” to her teammates,  learned early on how thrilling life can be, and has attacked it with an aggressive “can do” attitude. Dabbling in all kinds of sports PC has found her true love with roller derby. The passion she has for the sport and her teammates seeps through her pores. You may think she’s really sweaty, but really it’s her passion leaking out!

When not on the track PC spends her off time downhill mountain biking, skiing, and any other outdoor adventure that can fulfill her need for thrills. Although, “off time” is a somewhat foreign term to this full time HSU student. With only one month left in her final semester PC is beginning to see the light at the end of the college tunnel, as well as a degree in Environmental Management and Protection. Not only is she a hard working, dedicated skater, but she also cares about the environment! Could she be any more PC?!

As if her schedule wasn’t busy enough, PC also pours a mean beer at The Local (one of our awesome sponsors). If you’re lucky you could have your beer poured by Humboldt Roller Derby’s very own Pressure Cooker. Somehow it tastes better when she pours it!

Pressure Cooker has the best attitude on and off the track. She’s the most encouraging teammate and friend. With a truly honest and sweet soul PC was a natural fit for coaching the Sapling’s. The girls love her, and she honestly cares about each and every one of them. Our training camp also benefits from her knowledge and dedication as a trainer.

I’m proud to be on the same team as this smiling, happy, kick-ass lady. I’m equally as happy to not have play on a team opposite of her! When I walk on that track and see PC next to me I feel more confident just knowing she’s by my side. Everyone that’s part of the HRD family has benefited in some way because of her true love and dedication to the sport and her team. Humboldt Roller Derby loves you Pressure Cooker! You will always be a special part of our family!!