If you want something done, ask Raven. She seems to be everywhere. Because she is. Raven is a powerhouse worker for HRD. Her work ethic has the strength of steel and she’s been known to stay up half the night doing derby work. She comes to us from Mississippi and has carried those genteel manners and with her. She works at Northcoast Children’s Services as a case worker, proving that her heart is not only in the right place but powerful as well.

Raven started with HRD in 2009. She disliked the physical rough and tumble of being a skater, and so took her talents right to officiating.

Once Raven started reffing, she really gave it her all.  She helps run ref practice, always stays current on the latest rules and has gone to the WFTDA officiating clinic three times.  She is on the Ref Training committee and is a WFTDA official ref for Humboldt.   She is very versatile and can do any position; head ref, inside pack ref, jam ref and outside pack ref.  She particularly excels at jam reffing because she is a fast skater and is able to assess impact and initiation with amazing accuracy.

But wearing the stripes isn’t the only thing she does for us. She started working on the Fundraising and Public Relations work groups in 2011. It is no exaggeration that she is The Bomb when it comes to fundraising. No sponsor is too big or too small for her. HRD has experienced high water years since she began this critical task. She has also taken Public Relations by storm, getting the work group right on line with the five year plan we have.

In 2014 she even went a step farther by joining the HRD board of directors. Her dedication and keen mind for details has sharpened the board. She is never too busy to take a look at the latest paperwork, listen to the latest problem, and come up with solutions.

Her sweet southern attitude has brought her to the front of HRD, whether on the track or off. Indeed, she IS everywhere, and we couldn’t get along without her. Thanks Raven!