Written by Ferocious Dimples

Number: Fresh 2 DeathMad Max Swagger, SoM

Swagger, Swag, Swaggy, Shwaggy, Mad, Maximus, Swagimus, B, and Crazy Cat Lady are all appropriate titles that our wonderful Mad Max Swagger will answer to. She wears many masks which require many nicknames!

Swag became a part of the HRD family back in 2009. After passing level one in our training camp, she had a slight hold back in level two with an unfortunate ankle break. It didn’t keep her away for long, and after 5 months of healing Swag was back on skates, attacking level 2 with a vengeance. She has been such a positive addition to the team, and a driving force to our organization.

An injury has kept Swag from her skates this season, but has not kept her away from the track. She has stepped up as a level 2 trainer, and as a coach. While she hasn’t officially been voted in as a league coach, she has proven to be an extremely successful bench coach for the Redwood Rollers, and has helped to make our practices run smoothly. Her soft spokeness has dwindled and her loud, hear me roar coaching voice can be heard from across the building! She is a confident coach who has our backs.

This superhero of a woman came to us all the way from the big island of Hawaii. Back in 2004 she put her cape on and flew to Boston to see what a city was like. Not feeling the city life Swagger and her cape found themselves back in Hawaii only three months later. After a few adjustments, Swag had made herself a super cape which brought her to the beautiful Humboldt County in 2005. She has found herself at home in her new land with such wonderful friends, family, and kitties. Some of these details may not be actual real facts, but I’m pretty sure Swag really does have a cape she crafted herself that makes her fly.

Swagger is such a crafty lady that she started her own business, and has been successfully running it by herself since 2008. She does some stylish printing to give your clothes a little extra swagger. If you see a Humboldt derby skater walking around with their shirt or sweatshirt personalized, chances are Swag did it. The skaters also got some flashy new uniforms this season which Swag printed up, and the talk of all the tournaments this year was how awesome they looked. Thanks Swaggy, for keeping your teammates in style!

In her off time Swag enjoys spending hot days at the river with her friends, and is always down for a good float or rafting trip. On cold days she likes to cuddle up with her kitties, Bitten and Chiller aka Dangercat, put on a good movie like Beyond Thunderdome or Gladiator, and watch it rain fuzzy little kittens outside. Swag is a walking dictionary for strange slang and terms that no one else knows about, and will be the first to come up with a sarcastic, witty remark to your comment. She knows how to keep you laughing.

This Hawaiian girl was a natural fit with our community and our organization. Anyone who’s so sweet, mellow, and crafty is always welcome in our league. She has grown as a skater and a leader, and has given her teammates the confidence to follow her into battle. She will lead us in the right direction!

Humboldt Roller Derby loves and appreciates your time, love, and your amazingly wonderful self.