Atreyu (or Trey for short) may look small but her skills, determination, personality, presence, and dancin’ moves are largerAtreyu than life! She is a go getter on the track and in every area of life. She is down to earth with a very complex way of thinking, and this explains her unique grasp on this thing called life.

Trey first moved from SoCal to Humboldt to attend HSU where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in film. She then trecked all the way to Saas-Fee, Switzerland to study philosophy at the European Graduate School and obtain a PhD in media and communications. She stayed at EGS for a while as an instructor. Her numerous academic feats include publishing her book The Media Poet, in 2012.

She left Europe and returned to Humboldt to be, as one of her colleagues says, a “media poet and community activist”. She is an associate faculty member at both College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University where she teaches film and cinema studies. Most notable is the academic and community outreach that she does for the youth in Southern Humboldt. Working with TRiO Talent Search and the Mateel Community Center’s Youth Alive! program, she primarily serves low income and at risk high school students by connecting them to opportunities of higher education and community leadership. Trey is also co-founder of an organization called Dj Gleaner y Los Media Poets, which is a local artist collective and creative mentorship project based in Arcata.

Her love of film led Trey to our wild and crazy world of roller derby. Her camera ups our game. Being able to watch ourselves play roller derby is a huge mind opening experience! We feel like we’re rolling like Michael Jordan plays basketball, but when we watch the video of ourselves then reality sets in. These videos really help us to see what we need to work on, so we can better ourselves as players. She started by filming our home and away games for a few years before derby bit her and she decided to strap on some skates. Now she finds herself on the other side of the camera on game day.

Like most of us Trey started out terribly awkward, but determined. Her positive attitude and ability to work well with others was evident from the beginning. Her peers still find this apparent as she was voted Best Team Player for the 2014 season. I’ve never seen anyone use transform awkwardness to finesse. Watching Trey jam is like riding a really exciting roller coaster–, just as you think she‘s going out of bounds and down, her half bent body which is only inches from hitting the ground squeezes only a few inches between the defender and out of bounds then pops back up and skates away unscathed leaving the defenders to stare where she’d been and wondering how the heck she got by.

After a hard work out at practice or after tough game Trey knows how to party. She doesn’t get out much, and is usually busy tearing up the dance floor, so when she does get a chance, she makes it count!

Atreyu has been a part of the HRD family for many years before skating, and will hopefully continue to be a skating member for years to come. She’s loved by her friends and teammates and Falcor, and puts that much love back into HRD.

Sister, stay awesome ‘cause you’re fantastic just the way you are!

by Ferocious Dimples