Evel #247
Written by Ferocious Dimples
This 5’9” Humboldt raised woman is a wonderful new addition to the Humboldt Roller Derby family. Her long legs and dedication to the sport give her an edge that is helping her to advance quickly. Evel is a thinker, and really gets the strategic side of derby–something that is harder to do than one might think while on wheels with others trying to knock you down. She debuted in her first game in May, and is rapidly progressing. You can come watch Evel this October the 18th at Redwood Acres in the second game of her career!
Choosing an exciting alternate path has always been a part of Evel’s life. After leaving Humboldt at 18 for UC Santa Cruz, she did the college thing for a couple years, then realized her path was leading her in another direction. She found her crafty self in Oakland where she worked in a swanky fabric store, and even showcased her own work at a studio alongside other artists. Evel loves creating beautiful things, and is extremely talented at it! While Oakland was a fun place to be, Evel’s path led her back to Humboldt where she is currently in the nursing program at CR.
As if being a mother of 3 children, 1 cat, 1 chinchilla, 3 guinea pigs, 1 parakeet, and a beta while going to nursing school wasn’t enough, Evel finds the time to play the demanding sport of roller derby! One day while driving through Eureka Evel saw a Humboldt Roller Derby ad on a bus, and was still on the waiting list for school, so decided to try it out. It was instant true love for her! “A mosh pit on wheels…”, is how Evel described her first site of the sport, a very good description!
“I love it with every cell in my body! It pushes me, exhilarates me, causes a lot of self reflection, makes me want to strive for more. Plus I am in love love love with my team!!!! There is no feeling like it!! The sound of the wheels on the floor, screeching stops, shouting, reaching out and knowing she’s got you! OK Ima cry…….” -Evel’s thoughts on HRD.
I could not possibly put it any better myself, and it totally made me cry. We obviously share a special bond with each other as teammates and friends, and Evel is a very special teammate and an exceptional friend. HRD looks forward to many more mosh pit moments on wheels with this Evel lady!