Written by Ferocious Dimples

Psycho Ward 5150

This woman rolled out of the ward and onto the track with purpose and dedication. Psycho is at every practice, and is always pushing to learn more and be better. When things in life get tough Psycho just tries harder, and this attitude has helped her to develop – amazing derby skills in a short amount of time. It’s always exciting to find skaters like Psycho who have the resolution and drive to advance their skills and to be a better player and teammate.

Because of this lady’s tenacity she is a natural when it comes to jamming. While she enjoys playing both blocker and jammer, the thrill of jamming tops nothing else in the derby world for Psycho. She can spin and turn around the blockers, then run to freedom (a move that takes most skaters years to accomplish). Psycho recently debuted in her 2nd derby game ever as a jammer, and made all of us at HRD very proud to call her our very own!

When asked why she loves derby and what keeps her coming back Psycho gave a very heartfelt answer that I think all of us at HRD can relate to….

“It is absolutely one of the best things I have ever done for myself and in turn for my kids. I love the feeling of being part of a team, the camaraderie and working together. I love feeling like I am making progress and getting better with every practice. And most importantly I love the people, my teammates. What a wonderful group of new friends I have made. Everyone is so supportive and positive of each other. I love the strong community of HRD. I love that sometimes I may have had a rough day or I’m stressed out about something but when I get to practice all that is gone and by the end of practice my head is clear and I feel great hardly remembering what was bothering me earlier.”

Being a hard working, single mother of two boys, 2 cats, a kitten, a gecko, and dog is no easy task for anybody, but Psycho excels at each of these while still finding time to play roller derby and get crafty. She is an excellent fit with Humboldt Roller Derby, and we are all so excited to have her as a teammate and a friend. Her motivation and great attitude are infectious and inspiring.

Thank you Psycho for always bringing your best and trying your hardest! Our league and team has and will continue to benefit from your diligence and perseverance.