Tula is what she’s called by her teammates, Rotten is how it feels when she hits, and despite her name she is super sweet to the core! She’s a mother of 4, with 2 pugs, and 1 regular dog; a full time worker; and still makes time for derby. She is kind, caring, and compassionate off the track, and will knock the socks off your feet on the track. She is a vegetarian, but suddenly becomes hungry for meat when sRotten Tula Core, 44he hits the track.

Tula first moved to Humboldt from Oroville to attend HSU and has been here ever since. She graduated from HSU and works as a Traffic Safety Engineer for the county. This lady is brainy on and off the track! Roller derby may look like it’s all strength and athleticism, but there is also a lot of strategy and thinking happening on the track. Tula is always aware of what’s going on around her and able to make smart decisions quickly. Her dedication and tenacity make her a skillful hard hitting leader on the track. Her compassion and understanding make her a good friend and teammate off the track.

When faced with a life hurdle Tula knows exactly how high and how far to jump to get past it. When she first joined HRD and made it all the way through training camp, was almost on the team, she found out she was pregnant. . She took a break, had her baby, and then was right back on her skates and playing in games before her son was even a year old! It’s very encouraging to see someone so dedicated that she won’t let anything stop her. It shows how much Tula is in love with the sport.

“I won’t let anyone take roller derby from me!” Tula has said, and it shows in how she practices, plays, and dedicates her time to our organization. She won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of having fun and excelling in this awesome sport. Tula’s perseverance was above and beyond in 2014 when she was voted “Most Improved” player of the year by her teammates. She gets better and better as we get ready for our 2015 season. Watch out for this lady, she has skills and the smarts to back it up!

Tula, you’re a caring, gentle, loving teammate and friend off the track. On the track you’re a solid blocker, hard hitter, fast thinker, quick mover, and sturdy and reliable teammate. HRD loves you, and hopes you never leave us!