BoD LungTwo worthy members of the Board of Director are singled out today for their service to the league. Alas, both have retired now, but their contributions still shine.

Amanda Lung was with us for two years of hard work. In her daytime job she was manager of the Pepsi distribution for northern California and she brought her years of administrative leadership to the board. She provided input and insight as the board took on new projects, such as organizing the duties of Human Resources. She served as secretary of the corporation, keeping minutes and corresponding with the outside world for us. She also worked patiently through the madness of the ticket sales at every bout. Her husband Brandon was an additional resource for the league, overseeing parking during bouts, often helping at ticket sales, and doing plenty of heavy lifting. Amanda left because she was transferred to head another branch of Pepsi out of state on her climb towards corporate success.

She says: I would love to see HRD continue to grow and thrive as active members of the community. I believe that the empowerment that they provide to the women in the community as well as the children is unmatched by any other organization that is out there. HRD truly embodies it’s fans, it’s culture, it’s brand and it’s community and that is what makes it so great. They are all accepting, and the warmest “Family” I have ever known. From Skater’s to Board Members and Families to volunteers, everyone was welcoming, helpful and absolutely unsurpassed in their appreciation for each other’s gifts to HRD. HRD is a rock, and no matter how hard that wind blows and the elements change it; it is ever lasting. I wish nothing but the best to HRD and all that encompasses for the Future. I dearly miss you all !
You were a big help to us Amanda. Best of luck on all your endeavors.

BoD HoosierHoosier Daddy is the former head of Bout Production and a steady anchor for the board. When someone looked for him at a bout I’d say, “Orange shirt and derby hat.” He is renowned for his hard work and good cheer. He would say that his job, as explained by the skaters, was “First girl in and last girl out,” and that’s exactly what he would do every bout. He spent hours on bout setup on Fridays before the bouts, and hours early on the day of the bout to oversee everything and do it himself if he had to. Then on tear down he was there to the last, helping anyone out and directing the rest. His greatest contribution to the board is to have taught the board how to be board-like, not by telling them what to do but by supporting them in what they did; and teaching through example how to run the business of an organization that has two sets of authority. He also helped to make the Saplings a vital part of HRD, and streamlined many procedures to make this work easier for us.

“Humboldt Roller Derby has left me with some great memories,” he says. “It’s an awesome organization and I don’t regret one minute during the four years of service. It’s done amazing things for my family.” His wife Harriet dedicated three years as an NSO, while his daughter Grace spent two years as a Sapling and two years as an NSO, while daughter Nora spent three years as an NSO. “It’s taught my daughters the value of hard work.”

He’s worked for 25 years as Director of Extended Student Services for the city of Arcata. He has left HRD because, “It’s time for family.” He was recently elected to the local school board as well. We all wish him well, confident that he will succeed and improve whatever he does.

There’s no one like you Hoosier. We hope to see you at a bout.