Text Ferocious byDimples

Luna is one of the few Humboldt Roller Derby skaters who is Humboldt-born and –bred. Her super duper awesomeness was propagated right here in our home town!  Her teammates fear her for being a secret killer. She’s so qLuna Lovebaduiet, innocent, and nice, then she gets a pair of skates on and her true derby spirit comes to life. Luna loves to hit and loves getting hit. Where does it come from? Possibly her mother, who is now a hard working member of our training camp and our corporate Treasurer! Proof that Luna comes from good genes.

A child of the 90’s, Luna was in full cool mode while rocking her rollerblades around town–they were so in! Rollerblading gave Luna the experience to progress quickly through basic skills and focus on the sport of roller derby. Now, confident and totally rocking the quad skates, Luna is tearing up the track. While in her favorite and most appropriate position as the jammer, Luna is getting tougher and tougher to stop. That quiet and shy girl  swims in a sea of awesomeness, impossible for blockers to handle, and fights like a true fighter for victory. This derby spirit has led her and keeps leading her to great things on and off the track.

Luna is a great listener, which always makes a great learner, and it shows in her dedication and progress. Luna may have a hard time putting her pants on the right way before coming to practice, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving awesomeness. She is starting her second season and is proving to be a stronger contender with each game. Humboldt Roller Derby loves Luna Lovebad, her derby spirit, and all of her super duper awesomeness!

“I love being a part of this team because of all the wonderful people involved.  This team is made up of wonderful girls who all share the same passion.  Everyone is supportive of each other and always encouraging improvement.” ~Luna