Barry‘em #6 Ft. Under

Written by Ferocious Dimples

Barry'em, 6 ft under

Humboldt Roller Derby was lucky to have this long legged, animal loving, hard working, hard hitting woman come to us from Sacramento. She was first discovered by one of our beloved opponents, the Sacred City Derby Dolls from Sacramento. A couple of skaters were smart enough to scout her out for their training camp, where she passed through level 1. This is when Barry made the switch to Humboldt Roller Derby and Humboldt State University. She fit perfectly into our level 2 program, and quickly graduated to the final stage, level 3.


Barry is that skater that is always at practice, always doing extra on her committee, always helping out others, and always has a smile on her face. Her desire to accomplish is paying off for her in the derby world, as she is quickly improving. She has learned how to use her long legs to an advantage and is intimidating her opponents with force. Her desire to be active in the business is infectious, and encourages others to be more involved. Every league needs a Barry, and we’re so grateful we found ours!


Barry has now skated in two games with HRD on the North Jetty Betty’s as a blocker. Blocking is her favorite position, probably because she’s like a giant when on skates, and is rapidly gaining more and more skills to be even more badass than she already is, and being badass feels so good!Barry'em


Not only is this woman an awesome asset to HRD, she is also a super smarty pants at HSU! She is a senior in Environmental Sciences with an option in Geospatial Science. With only two years left HRD will keep it’s fingers crossed that she will stay with us for many years to come.


“My favorite thing about HRD is the people. Everyone so dedicated and willing to do anything to keep the ship sailing smoothly. Everyone is so welcoming and has such a positive attitude. I’m constantly impressed with how people are willing to jump in and give you tips or teach you something new. I would be heartbroken to have to leave this amazing group of people.” -Barry’em



HRD, too would be heartbroken to lose our big, bad Barry’em! We’re lucky to have you with us, we love your presence and fear your hits.