Drone Maiden, 13This pint size package of a woman has more personality, tenacity, and strength than most. Whoever said size doesn’t matter must have been watching Drone Maiden play roller derby. Her ability to move a skater that is three times her size and weight, and make it look easy is almost unbelievable. The only thing that’s truly small about Drone is her body. Her power, heart and soul, and her brain are incredibly large. She’s so good, it hurts!

After passing through training camp, Drone shined as a very skillful jammer, and was quickly put on the A team roster. Most skaters spend at least one full season on a B team before moving up, but not Drone! It’s not just her small size allowing her to squeak through holes that makes her a good jammer, it’s also her strength and ability to push big blockers out of her way, as well as her agility which allows her to be elusive on the track. This season Drone has put the jammer panty down and is showing off her skills as a blocker. She can easily move any blocker or jammer half way across the track, and she can do it by herself with no help. When a jammer see’s Drone waiting to catch them, they should be afraid, very afraid! When a blocker see’s Drone coming to play offense they should also be afraid, because she will hit them and it will be very hard!

DroneDrone is the nicest, friendliest, most encouraging teammate and friend. Her empathic personality shows on and off the derby track. Graduating from HSU with a degree in environmental sciences and ecological restoration shows her compassion for nature, and her drive to make a difference. For the moment, Drone is putting her caring energy towards the lucky animals at Happy Dog Daycare, one of HRDs valued sponsors. If you bring your animal there, you can feel good knowing that this woman cares for your loved one like it were her own. You can hear the admiration and love in Drones voice when she speaks to animals. When her teammates do good she pats them on the head and speaks to them like they’re animals. It feels good and is extremely encouraging!

It is with a heavy heart and saddened soul that I must announce the nearing departure of our dearly loved and coveted Drone Maiden. Unfortunately for Humboldt, there is not enough opportunity to keep this motivated lady busy and thriving. It was not an easy decision for Drone, but she has decided to move back to her home state of Washington to be near friends and family, and to take advantage of a great job opportunity. Drone has officially skated her last game in Humboldt with this team, and went out with a bang. After blocking the entire game, Drone took the star for the very last jam of the bout. She helped to secure the win by scoring an amazing 34 points in one jam, which was the highest scoring jam of the night!!

drone shastaWords cannot express how much you are loved and will be missed by your Humboldt friends and teammates. We are a family that is losing a member, but are eternally grateful for the time we have spent together, and for having the opportunity to get to know such an awesome person. We know you will shine wherever you go because your personality and soul are bright shining stars that can be seen from the sky. Even when you’re not with us we will think of and be able to feel your warm spirit and hope that one day if we are lucky, you will make your way back to Humboldt and skate with us again. Thank you Drone Maiden for being our friend, family, and amazing teammate. You will always have a special place in our hearts!



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HRD Widow Makers Vs Viva Roller Derby

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