BIG Thanks to our medics!

Brooke Haskell, Volunteer, medicThey are a crucial part of keeping HRD safe and sound during game day. Brooke, CJ, Bill & Meredith ~ HRD appreciates all the time you dedicate to keeping us safe on and off the track. They’re at every game, properly equipped  and poised to spring into action to help with messy falls, hits to the face and whatever mishap may arise.

Brooke Haskell has been at every HRD game since 2009.  Brooke is an EMT, ready to help us off the track and patch us up.  Meredith BakuMeredith Baku is a nurse.  She’s not only helps out during our games and scrimmages, but she has been training to be a skater as well.  Meredith just passed level 2 training camp and will now be skating with the team!  Congrats Meredith!  Thank You also to CJ Janice! Their dedication to volunteer so much of their time with us outside of work is so appreciated!

Billy ReynoldsAlso thank you to Bill Reynolds!  The Reynolds have certainly made Derby a family affair.   Bill is the dad of Pedatori and Hail Storm of the Saplings and husband of Saplings Coach Tiff.  When he’s not watching over the Saplings, he is the Battalion Chief for Humboldt Bay Fire District.  Bill is always there for the Saplings team to make sure they get patched/iced up and back out on the track!

Thank you all for being there to check us for concussions and ice our bruises and strains!

Though we are never happy to have to go to the Medic tent, we appreciate you and are glad you are there to take care of us!

We couldn’t do it without you!

If you are interested in becoming a part of HRD’s volunteer family, we would love to have you!

Email for more information and to sign up.