McNasty, 34BUnder the definition of amazing in the dictionary is a picture of this woman! And that doesn’t even begin to describe her awesomeness. McNasty has been a core part of HRD since it’s very first year in 2007. She has been a trainer to new skaters since HRD has had a training program. Every skater in our league has at one time been taught and inspired by the amazing and wonderful McNasty.

It’s hard to believe that such a small person could have such a big personality. While on the track McNasty commands your attention. There’s something about her crazy black smeared eye makeup, her bright red lips, and her outrageous outfits that grabs your attention, but it’s her skating style and her vibrant personality that makes it impossible to turn away. She bounces side to side, front to back, so hard for the blockers to keep a hold of. Her flying leaps and fearless determination make her feared by her opponents and loved by all fans.

hip block Nasty rusteWhen sitting on the sidelines McNasty is officially the loudest fan in all of roller derby! While skating on the track with over 750 fans in Redwood Acres cheering us on, her voice is the only one we can hear when she’s in the audience. There’s something so distinctive, different, and so intoxicating about her voice. Her voice commands attention!

This wife and proud mother is a San Diego Native and an HSU alumni. To shorten and simplify her job description, she helps make super cool custom bar tops that are sold all over the world! On her free time she loves to garden, be crafty, and spend time with her family. McNasty works hard, plays hard, and still finds time to be an awesome wife and mother.

At the after party you will find McNasty showing everyone how the dance floor works, with a Lagunitas IPA in hand! There have been many after parties in many towns and states, after lots of skating that HRD has tackled. McNasty has outskated then outdanced most skaters, and has a big infectious smile the whole time she does both.

McNasty’s love for HRD and her team is so strong and apparent, that she was voted in by her teammates as our 2015 captain. Thank you McNasty for teaching us all how to skate, and showing us how to be more passionate! Your leadership skills, and your compassion for others have benefited HRD since it’s very beginning. We are so lucky to still have your love and enthusiasm as strong as it was the day you started. Don’t ever stop being you, the world and HRD is a better place with you in it!

Mcnasty jamming sonoma