We’d like to give a huge shout out of Thanks to our Front Gate and Front End volunteers!!

Feline, APRIL, Grungie and Vena all pose before taking off for the Kinetic Sculpture Race

Feline, APRIL, Grungie and Vena all pose before taking off for the Kinetic Sculpture Race 

One of the masterminds behind making sure every game runs smoothly is April Gay.  April began as a skater with HRD, and stuck with us as a volunteer even after she broke her ankle. She has been our front gate and volunteer coordinator for many years and gets all of our volunteer positions covered & everything ready for game day. If there’s any questions about what do when looking to volunteer, she’s always there with a smile on her face ready to help direct! She keeps things running properly in the midst of the game day chaos. Thank you April for all of your hard work & dedication!

Julie Booker Michelle Krieger

Volunteer Check In with Michelle & Julie

Michelle Krieger is the lady in charge of the volunteer check in table for the last few seasons and makes sure everyone is there for the right job. She participated in our training camp, and has and has volunteered for the merchandise position in the past as well. Julie Booker, Stephanie Knowles, and Maridee Farmer & a host of skaters have all spent a good amount of time volunteering in the check in area as well.  Thanks for sticking with HRD & helping out with this essential task!


Danimal the animal

If you’ve come to a game and purchased tickets at the gate, you’ve likely met Danimal.  Danimal is a Board member & our ticket master who took over for Lew’d Conduct this season.  He makes sure we have enough tickets at all the local outlets and also at the gate for everybody who wants to come cheer us on each game. Thank you Dan!! We couldn’t fill the house with such an amazing crowd without you!

Once you’ve made it into the gates, there are a bunch of happy faced volunteers to greet you, give you season programs, check ID’s for the beer booth and welcome you to our events.  Sweet Dee, Dana Maher, Jake Martin and many other volunteers have been great hosts this year!

front gate staff sarah jake dana

Front of the house hosts, Dana, Jake & Sweet Dee

Thank you all for your hard work, time & dedication to making Humboldt Roller Derby so awesome!

We appreciate you!