PoiSIN CanDIE, 50ccThis woman puts the sin in PoiSin and the sweet in CanDie. Skating in her sixth season with Humboldt Roller Derby, PoiSin has been a dedicated member from the beginning. She’s an advocate for making our newer skaters feel welcome and comfortable moving out of training camp and onto the team. After making them feel comfortable off the track she shows her skills on the track which will inevitably make them feel uncomfortable. Being on the receiving end of PoiSin’s hits never feels good, but she will be the first to help others learn how to avoid her hits and be a better skater. She’s always learning new skills and strives to be a better player by practicing hard and attending training camps outside of HRD. Bringing skills that she learns outside of HRD back to the team is a perfect example of her desire to not only progress herself, but also her desire to advance as a team. Playing together is a crucial part of being successful in roller derby. PoiSin understands that and works well with her teammates to achieve success, and strives to excel as a team.

PoiSin’s desire to help others is apparent on and off the track. Her love of her job is a great example of her desire to see others attain success. She’s a social worker for the county, and works with underprivileged children who appreciate her as much as she appreciates them. She is also a dedicated mother of 3, and her love and dedication to her children is always foremost in her life. PoiSin was the first proud mother of HRD to see her daughter join the Redwood Saplings. Death the Kid has now been skating with HRD’s junior derby program for 3 years, and is as dedicated and hard working as her mother. Kid’s progression and success mirrors her mothers, and proves that PoiSin has taught her well. Death the Kid was voted as the best Sapling’s teammate by her peers in the 2015 season, a quality that was obviously handed down by her mother.

It is apparent to the jammers on our team as well as other teams that PoiSin has jammer magnets in her butt. Once a jammer gets stuck there it is near impossible to escape her wrath. Her beautiful rear end can be a dreaded thing for a jammer, and a good thing to avoid. Blockers fear PoiSins hard hits and quick thinking. If she sees her jammer struggling to get free she will come to the rescue by delivering a speedy swooping hit that will knock any size blocker to the ground. Blockers should keep the eyes in the back of their heads open when PoiSin CanDie is their opponent.

PoiSin’s love and dedication to HRD benefits the league and her teammates in many ways. Her friends and teammates are grateful and lucky to have her sparkly personality always encouraging us. Humboldt Roller Derby loves it’s PoiSin CanDie, and hopes she will be with us for many years to come.