Saplings 2015


The Saplings program started with Founding skater Thunder Muffin, aka Whitney Wirt. She created and began coaching for the Saplings in 2009. Thank you for creating such an inspiring and strong program! Many of us wish we had something so amazing when we were young!!

Sissy Junior is one of the many skaters who has taken part in leading the Saplings program over the years and is finally back skating with HRD!

Knotty Vinter and Momma Popper, parents of Sapling turned coach Snap Crackle Popper, and Dr. Mullet, dad of Insania, are all amazing parent coordinators.  Knotty and Dr. Mullet are also a part on the Board of Directors; they’re at every bout, from setup to cleanup. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work!!

Tiffany Reynolds, mom of Saplings Predatori and Hail Storm, began with the leadership and coaching of the Saplings program in 2014. Current and past skaters such as Connie Bon-Bons, Zombie Stardust, Harley San Quenntin, Tenacious C, and Screaming Mimi, and Castastrophe, also help coach the Saplings.

Stef Leppard, the Saplings Officials coordinator became interested in volunteering in 2009, inspired by her daughter, a graduated Sapling. Will Tillit , dad of B-Crazy, and Denise Witte, mother of Natural Disaster, are parent volunteers who have been trained in multiple NSO positions and volunteer for both Sapling and HRD bouts.

We also want to thank Bill Reynolds our Saplings EMT, dad of Predatori and Hail Storm and husband of Coach Tiff! Not only is he there for the Saplings in keeping them safe, but the Battalion Chief for Humboldt Bay Fire District.

Thank you all for being such a big part of the team!

The Sapling’s fall skate skills class will begin in late September and is now accepting sign ups.  If you know a girl aged 7-17 who may want to be a part of the Sapling’s family, check out  or email for more information.