19004028224_622b55df98_oHumboldt Roller Derby first experienced this Haught Baux back in 2010. After going through about 8 months of training camp, she made it onto the Widow Maker’s roster just in time to travel to Eugene to play in her very first derby bout. Shortly after, Haught Baux got hit hard with the nine month injury. She had to hang up her skates in exchange for lamaze and prenatal yoga. After bouncing back from the pain and discomfort of pregnancy and labour, this mother of two was ready to get back into the game. Haught Baux moved quickly through our training camp this time, and made it back onto the team to compete in our 2015 season.

This woman’s determination and love of the sport is apparent to all of her teammates. Haught Baux comes an hour early to practice almost every day and skates hard to improve her skills on the track. This has paid off for her as well as her teammates. After playing a few games with the Widow Makers the coaches noticed her rapidly improving talents, and moved her up to play with the Redwood Rollers. Her jammer skills have been an asset to the Rollers, and have helped to secure our last two home game wins. She was voted by her teammates as the most valuable jammer on the Widow Makers for the 2015 season.

Haught Baux is not only a mother to her two boys, she is also like the team mother to the 40 plus members of HRD. She has a caring personality and the desire to heal others comes naturally to her. This is probably why she decided to attend massage school in 1998, and currently works as a massage therapist at Soul to Soul spa in Arcata. After an alarming fire in her home in 1999 Haught Baux decided to help others by becoming an EMT. She attended the New Mexico State Fire Academy in 2001, as well as paramedic school in 2003. Her desire to help others and for more education has led her to CR where she is completing her prerequisite for the paramedic to RN program. Even though Haught Baux is not currently working as an EMT or paramedic, she is always the first on the scene when there is an injury at practice.

HRD is lucky to have such a caring teammate and dedicated skater. She has a great attitude on the track, and is always encouraging to others. Haught Baux is always looking out for her teammates on and off the track. We love her enthusiasm, and hope she will be with us for many years to come!