2legit_300pxThis southern Cali girl is a caring, hard working, and understanding part of the HRD family. Her teammates call her legs cause she’s got an awesome set and knows how to use them to her advantage on the track. Her long and strong legs aren’t the only advantage she has though, her determination and overall strength have helped her rise to the place she is today. Legs played her first game in January of 2015, and by the end of the season she had made the roster for one of our A team games. A feat which is rare for most skaters in HRD.

Legs first strapped on a pair of plastic Playschool skates before the age of 3. She continued skating in her tweens with an oh so cool pair of rollerblades. She got back to the quads when she first joined HRDs training camp in 2013. After getting married to her awesome husband, Legs took a break from the crazy derby world, and returned to make the team in July 2014. All of her previous experience on skates is very apparent to her coaches and teammates. Legs is able to progress faster than most, and looks like having 8 wheels beneath her comes naturally.

Off the track, Legs is just as dedicated and awesome of a person as she is on. She spends most of her time being a mother, homemaker, baker, artist, and athlete. She also has a part time job making the most awesome vegan jerky. A bunny, a saint bernard, and a mastiff are all a part of her lucky family. Legs daughter, Riptide is a very talented skater in our Saplings program. Like her mother, she seems to be a natural on skates, and progresses very quickly. Legs and Riptide both skated their first games the same night in a double header hosted by HRD. It was a very proud moment for both mother and daughter.

“We work so hard physically and mentally; trying to keep ourselves agile and strong, together and doing the jobs to keep this league running and make a successful and positive impact on our community. We inspire other women and girls and we give back so much. It fills my heart with pride when I think of my sisters, that’s what I call them, of HRD. A huge group of talented, passionate, caring, women and I get to be part of that.” -Great words from Legs!

Legs is such a great sister in the HRD family, and is appreciated by all. Her nurturing spirit is valued by her teammates on and off the track. Her unwavering determination to be great is beneficial to everyone in the league. We are all lucky to have such an awesome woman in our lives and on our team. Legs, you are loved and treasured by your fellow sisters, and we look forward to many more years making memories with you on and off the track.