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Volunteer of the Month – Justin Nadigoo, aka Sassy Sasquatch!

justinOur volunteer of the month is the man behind the suit, Justin Nadigoo, aka Sassy Sasquatch!

Justin was introduced to the idea of mascotting for HRD at Praxis Fitness, by one of our 5 coaches, Cici. He first began sassying it up in January 2015, and soon after met his lovely (badass) girlfriend, one of our very own skaters, I’ma Slaya! He has attended every game since 2015, including many community pr events.

Besides making people happy with the entertainment of Sassy, Justin always has a smile on his face that will brighten up anyone’s day!

Justin moved to Humboldt in 2000 from San Fernando Valley to attend HSU, where he graduated with a degree in studio art. After owning his own business in the Bayshore Mall, he also helped start Humboldt Motor Sports!

As you might already be able to tell by Sassy’s saucy moves, Justin is a salsa dancer, and serves on the USA Dance board of directors. In his free time, Justin is not only a dancer, but a surfer too!

We appreciate you keeping our spirits high, and smiles on our faces even while being thrown to the ground!!


Skater of the Month, Meowlotov #16!

meowlotovMeow began skating with us in 2014, after attending nearly every HRD game for 4 years. She joined level one training camp a week after her birthday in July of 2014. With determination and strength, she made the team in December of the very same year, making derby a 25th birthday present to herself! About six months before beginning level one, she took up skating, not having worn a pair of skates since she was a child. Her first game was was against Southern Oregon Roller Girls in March 2015.

Meow is a sweetie, which makes it even more surprising when she boulders through the pack as a jammer with such strength and persistence! Complete chaos breaks loose when trying to keep our walls solid and in tact while trying to hold her back.

Blocking is her favorite position, though she enjoys taking pivot status to challenge herself to the balance of both jamming and blocking.

Meow is a local, originally from Mckinleyville and now resides in Arcata. She attends every Humboldt Crabs game that doesn’t interfere with a bout or practice, and enjoys watching Giants baseball. She briefly lived in their hometown, while attending San Francisco State University.

Before making it back to Humboldt County, she lived in Portland, Oregon as well.

We’re so thankful she’s here and has become a part of HRD!!

Meow loves derby because being a part of a team and using the aggression that was frowned upon when she played soccer as a kid is liberating. Derby has shown her that she’s stronger mentally and physically than she thought she ever was, and loves the solidarity that HRD provides. She tore a ligament in her ankle while in training camp and had it surgically repaired this past November, along with a minor knee injury in the beginning of our 2015 season that kept her off skates for 2 weeks. She’s healing quickly and will be back on skates soon! (We’re so excited!!) Nothing can keep her away, and it’s inspiring to see such strength and determination from one person.

She does a wide variety of behind-the-scene work for HRD, and is a big part of keeping our league running smoothly.

Meow is a classy lady from head to toe! You may even see her bench coaching the North Jetty Bettys during our display games against the Widow Makers. Her mother, Sue Nami and boyfriend are also volunteers with HRD.

Outside of derby, Meow is the assistant to a nurse practitioner, and in the past was a bread shaper at an artisan bakery and a pesto/hummus maker. She loves being in the garden, running, traveling, spending her time at the beach and is a cat mom, to two lucky kitties, Junebug and Otis!

Thank you Meow for all of the work you do for HRD and being such a strong, supportive teammate!!

Skater of the Month! Jesstroyer #64

jesstroyerJesstroyer is a true rock in our league. She has wits, a lovely heart and a great attitude. Her journey to Humboldt County from Berkeley began in 1997, where she graduated with a degree in Recreation Administration and soon after made her way to Alaska to work as a river guide for five years. She spent her time on the river in the summer, and in the mountains in the winter.
Before we got our Jesstroyer, she journeyed through other places such as Colorado, Texas, Oregon and full circle back to little Humboldt County next to the sea to start a family.
She not only is a mother of the cutest little tot Jackson, that you may see running up to her during her penalty box times to give her kisses, she’s on her second season with the HRD family.
This isn’t her first time on a derby league! She started out in Oregon with the Gorge Roller Girls, and after just three months of playing (and learning to skate) had her first bout against the Hermiston Melon Smashers. She was hooked! A few months later, she joined HRD boot camp, and we’re so happy to have snatched this talented lady up. The reason she joined derby in the first place was because she missed playing team sports that she grew up with like soccer, track and field, softball, and rugby, where her sportsmanship shines through!
Her favorite position is blocking, where she’s always focused and one step ahead of the game, tossing jammers to the ground, tumbling out of bounds! Once they’re back around the track, she’ll already be guiding her pack through the next challenge.
It’s always lucky to score her as a blocker!
Besides the job of being a mother, she has also worked as a bakery manager, baker, lift operations supervisor, burrito maker, house keeper, mountain host/shuttle driver, construction worker, vegan jerky maker, natural foods clerk, and ski school photographer and on top of all of that, she’s great at crafts!
Jess also stepped up this season and worked behind the scenes on sponsorship tasks that called for a load of dedication and time.

HRD is proud to have such a talented and strong teammate on and off the track!! Thank you Jesstroyer for all of your hard work and dedication!